How Much Time Have You Wasted On Facebook?

I remember my first Facebook. It was the summer of 2006 and I’d just received my dot-edu. Myspace still reigned supreme, but it was immediately clear that this was the future. My best friend Annabel and I lost hours of August crouched over my laptop, arguing over whose turn it was to log on, just like two kids fighting for their turn at Donkey Kong.

Getting a friend request was the most addicting feeling in the world, especially as they came pouring in from future classmates who had the promise of becoming real friends. My friend Carly still, to this day, makes fun of me for writing her a message introducing myself because we were set to be in the same dorm.

As Facebook began adding on elements and allowing for more pictures, time spent on the site increased. It was absolutely impossible to not get lost down rabbit holes of profiles — especially back when no one set privacy restrictions. The jackpot was gaining access to someone you didn’t like (an ex-boyfriend’s new girl friend was pure gold), but time was also lost on those people who I saw around campus, didn’t know at all, yet for whatever reason had become friends with online. Their profiles fascinated me the most. Because I’m a creep. (But also because I like to think of myself as anthropologically minded person endlessly fascinated in human behavior!)

I used to shudder at the thought of all the hours of my life — days, weeks, years — just completely gone down the digital drain of Facebook, but it was an easy thought to ignore. I just swept it under the mental rug…

Until now. Because some evil genius at Time created a way to track exactly how much time I have spent on my profile, all of my ex’s profiles, that kid from math class who sneeze funny’s profile…probably your profile.

It’s pretty alarming. Click if you dare, and if you tell me how much time you’ve spent I’ll tell you mine.

(Fine. I’ll just tell you. 200 days of my life have been spent on Mark  Zuckerberg’s MONSTER OF A MACHINE. And I think the number just ticked up to 201.)

[How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook via Time]

  • Quinn Halman

    AMELIA, WHY?!? I am disturbed

  • CDJ

    35 days. I’m betting it is WAY more than that, though. I bet I’ve spent more of my time in my 3ish years on instagram than in my 8.5 years on Facebook. aka my longest relationships.

  • Aubrey Green

    I don’t have facebook, I’m very happy about that.

    • Morgan

      Neither do I! I deactivated mine about 3 years ago and I LOVE not having it. I especially love when people act like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, I want to tell them all, “I’ve had the same phone number since I was 15, so if it’s that important to know about my life, you can text/call me.”

      • Aubrey Green

        Exactly Morgan!

  • jejushhh

    166 days and I’m going to log out right now :O

  • Rebeka Osborne

    I’m super embarrassed to say I have you beat, with 253 days of my life GONE to Facebook Since Sept 2005 (Freshman year of college). Crazyyy! To be fair, there was a lot of procrastinating that happened during college, and then law school… and I guess at work now too. Damnit facebook!

  • I just deleted my Facebook this year and I haven’t even had withdrawals yet! However now I do tend to spend more time on Instagram and Bloglovin… xx

  • maud.schellekens

    I don’t even wanna know how long I’ve spent my time on Facebook in all these years.. Hahah!

    XOXO Maud


  • Nadja

    4 days…..I would have bet it are at least 40

  • Anna Malcolm

    Nooo! Deactivate and reclaim your life. I am 7 months sober from Facebook and life just keeps getting better and better-no lie. I hear that there’s an online support group for people who have deactivated from Facebook. Let me get you the link to think to their Facebook page…

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    • Anna Malcolm

      Looks like you’re quite the ham. Are you spam or on meth?

  • Olivia Ridge

    hmmm… mine only says 18 days. But I KNOW I’ve wasted more time on it than that. Maybe I should take into account the hours I would spend in high school logged in hoping that my crush would chat me. Ohhhhh. Or maybe I should’t..

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  • Kelly Boyer

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