I Never Knew I Needed a Vest

I never knew I needed a vest until I happened upon HM.com and saw the one in the photo above. How the hell have I never before realized that my wardrobe was missing such an aching, gaping hole? How have I been carrying on in life without a cropped navy shield with white piping, one that I’d button completely closed and wear as a shirt over a pair of high-waisted slouchy silk pants? How?



It’s sold out online (H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection is apparently the Internet equivalent of whatever hotcakes are), but I’m literally typing this faster than normal fingers can type so that I can shut my computer and run out the door to the H&M around the corner. I’ll probably have to throw myself at the mercy of the person who will most likely have to undress the mannequin. All for a vest I never knew I needed.

Until now.

  • Adriana

    I so much felt the same when I saw yhe vest. I was fighting with the onlune shop today from Denmark and finally I got the vest and the high waist pants…and…some other things…If you cannot find the vest, I can ship mine to you 🙂

  • mad about the man

    I love vests and have a few in the wardrobe. Ellen DeGeneres is like the Vest Ambassador.

  • Good luck and report back!

  • Aubrey Green

    I LOVE the vest too. I now own about 5 vests that were once a jacket – I didn’t like the jackets any longer, so now they’re vests :).

  • Quinn Halman

    I can give you the sweater vest that is part of my uniform (I never wear it, I’m more of a cardigan or tie girl)

  • Mia

    I bought it, in a size 4, when in fact, I am a size 6. I’m contemplating returning it- if I do, you may have dibs.

  • The word ‘vest’ always conjures images of one Montgomery Burns… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nYbKipNtac

  • Lust Covet Desire

    It’s like a bolero inspired crop vest. Sign me up!


  • Elisa Taviti

    I really love the vests 😉

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  • LexoRexo

    I felt the same about a lot of that collection. Who knew I need a jacquard navy gown?

  • Cel

    Felt the same when I saw the shoes from the same collection. Ugh.

  • I need it in my life! Perfectly gorgeous!