History on Instagram

Man, it is hard to shake off those Instagram filters. I find myself looking at stuff wondering whether or not it will look good in Amaro — and if it’s not Amaro, is it X-Pro? — more often than I do actually enjoying a scene. What are sunsets for these days if not a perfect opportunity to freeze a memory, not for the sake of freezing it, but to tally up and quantify your popularity.

Nature, shmature, folks. Accruing likes is the evolutionary way of our future. It’s just too bad our forebears couldn’t be part of this new leg of history we are carving. Or could they?

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 11.04.11 AM


The bored pandas at Bored Panda did this awesome thing earlier this week where they re-imagined what could have been the case had iPhones, apps, and therefore Instagram existed through the course of a number of monumental events. My favorite one was probably Martin Luther King Jr.’s screenshot of a yellow sticky note that simply reads, “I have a dream…,” but Steve Jobs capturing the first ever computer was pretty good, if not effusively meta and paradoxical, too.

Take a look through the photos here and let us know which ones you like. Or, better yet, what events you’d have liked to seen shared on Instagram?

[Historic Events on Instagram via Bored Panda]

  • mressentialist

    History, it’s all about perspective.

  • hahah the Bill Clinton one is funny! They all are, really!