Hide Your Shorts, Hide Your Tanks — It’s Fall!

Last week I had an urge to wear an oversized cable knit sweater with just about everything, however the temperature remained tepid enough that outerwear wasn’t needed in general. After repeatedly begging the weather gods for something that would permit layers I woke up this morning to a lovely crisp fall day. That’s right my friends, IT’S FALL. (Just in case you don’t own a calendar or what have you.)

We’ve discussed how weather and fashion suck in tandem, but we’re currently in that tiny few-day exception in which the weather is not only tolerable but pleasant.  So let’s dust off those sweaters, hats, jackets and pants gathering dust at the top of our closets and give them the love they deserve.  I have a yearning desire for a sweater like this Rag & Bone one to wear with pants, skirts of all lengths, and tights.

What are you longing for now that it’s fall?

[Rag & Bone Sweater, $395 via Matches Fashion]

  • Anything pumpkin flavored. Oh, and to break out the knee-high boots with skinny jeans. Alas, it’s 80 damn degrees outside today, so no fall clothes for a bit. :-/

  • Sneakers with fat soles and boots with tight jeans (nothing skinny about me). My cashmere cardigan. The oversized black coat 🙂

  • Monica M

    Cannot wait to wear my sweaters and boots. 94 degrees in Dallas today…ugh.

  • I can’t wait to wear my puffer jacket its like wearing a big duvet!


  • JessZHorn

    We just had our second snow in the eastern Sierra this morning. Jackets, flannels, skinnies and BOOTS!

  • Aubrey Green

    I love fall, it’s my favorite time of year. I live in LA, so the weather is generally great, but we’ve had a very hot and not normal humid summer (sorry, I know New York is terrible with the humidity in the summer), so today, it is the most beautiful gorgeous day!! I am happy for sweaters, jackets and of course boots.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      But at night in LA the temperature always plummets so you get decent sweater weather year round which is nice!

  • To finally need to wear my vintage wool jacket!

  • Chloe

    I need fall weather to come to Charleston now! That sweater is everything.


  • I wait all summer for the return to sweaters and boots – my favorite things to wear. Even though I hail from California, I am so not a shorts and flip-flops girl. Good thing I’ve since moved to Germany, where sweater and boot weather constitutes a good 8-9 months out of the year!

  • Brie

    still lingering summer in kansas although the mornings have been extremely pleasant. i’ve already got my fall wardrobe out and ready. otk socks (well all socks for that matter, i love socks), boots of all varieties, thick sweaters, long sleeve flannels. there isn’t much that i need to purchase so i’ve thrown my stock into owning single sole, stiletto black ankle booties which will work all fall/winter and i can wear into spring next year. other than that want i’m all set!

  • Love this sweater!