Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid.

It’s hard if not painful to believe that summer is just three months away given how frequently my fingers find themselves indelibly numb even ten days into the month that is supposed to offer promise of a warmer future. But I trust what the Gregorian calendar leads me to believe is fact and so if it says that internship season is vaguely upon us than so it will be that I shall summon your expertise and ask if yyyyooooouuuu are looking for an internship.

Because…we’re hiring, folks! But no one of the coffee fetching variety — you’re better than that! And we have no problem running our own errands! So, if you are a proficient enough photographer to fancy yourself a photo intern, a skilled enough photoshop wizard to pridefully call yourself a member of the graphic design otriad that Man Repeller is trying to build or eloquent enough to pitch the shit out of us, send a resume over to

We promise wine on Thursday evenings and a conversation about Zara at least three times weekly.


    oh lord, there’s no place I would rather be an intern than in MR
    It’s such a pitty that I live across the globe 🙁

  • Guest

    Are you ever going to be hiring any editorial or operations candidates?

  • Ok, similar to my John Steinbeck dream, today I was thinking “I wonder if Man Repeller would hire interns this summer?!” and then I pictured myself completely changing careers and baby sitting on the side, then BAM, you post this. Maybe I should just be a psychic interning at Man Repeller, then I can tell everyone “HEY! I PUT THE ‘CHIC’ IN PSYCHIC!”

    sorry I’m legit all over your junk today, I leave for a bizznazz trip tomorrow, so my Man Repelling will be limited if any!!! MISS YA ALREADY!

  • Celeste

    too bad I live in New Zealand. those thrice-weekly Zara conversations sound intriguing.

  • Holy shoot! Ahhhh, what it must feel like to be experienced!

  • Thanks for the time, Conde Nast, but this looks better 😉

  • Aubrey Green

    I’m so bummed I don’t live in New York.

  • Lola

    Wow how amazing! Is there a deadline to submitting a resume/ when would the chosen people be told and/or announced? Such a great opportunity.

  • tina

    Hi Team Man Repeller!
    When about would people hear back if they sent in a resume regardless of getting the position or not?

  • Alexandra Dieck