6 Things to Text Your Friend This Afternoon

If texting GIFs and emojis instead of actual words has dunked your prefrontal cortex in novocaine and made the muscles in your fingers atrophy, maybe you should could consider striking up some real intellectual discourse via text this afternoon! Or just share random links. Either would be so millennial of you. Six ideas:

1. “Lol @ how long dudes have been whining about our clothes.”

BOIFeature Sop Moaning

Rosalind Jana of Refinery29 wrote a hilarious and ruminative “brief history of men moaning about women’s clothes” yesterday and it’s v Man Repeller and v worth the read!

“There are myriad to pick from: criticism of everything from cosmetics to crinolines to anything slightly revealing. It’s easy to string together the funnier ones,” she says. “You can’t help but snort with laughter (or despair) at the idea of an accessory being dangerously subversive, or sleeve lengths adding to society’s ailments. But too excessive, too scanty, too much, or too little, they all point to the same idea: Women who care about appearance must be vain, frivolous, excessive, conceited, stupid, air-headed, self-involved, insubstantial, attention-seeking…you pick the word — there are plenty.”


Photographs by Jacob Sadrak and Carrol Cruz.

2. “Did you see Poussey is now a therapist?”

Samira Wiley AKA Poussey Washington from Orange Is The New Black is on the upcoming season of You’re the Worst. In this interview with Vanity Fair she talks about the transition from portraying an inmate to a therapist. I’d keep one to two eyes on her if I were you!!

[Vanity Fair]

3. “Omg have you seen that INSANE Helen Mirren interview from 1975!?”

This Helen Mirren interview from 41 years ago (OMG…1975 was 41 years ago?!) is batshit. Watch as she shuts this sexist shit down.

[Boing Boing]

4. “How busy are you REALLY though?”


Some coffee shop in Adelaide, Australia sells a cup of coffee with 80 TIMES THE NORMAL AMOUNT OF CAFFEINE. It’s basically a heart attack waiting to happen. But, seriously, how dedicated are you to getting shit done?


5. “New iPhone!!!!”

Today Apple announced the next generation iPhone, iPhone 7. New colors, extra wide angle camera lens, stereo speakers, wireless headphones, water resistance, longer battery life! That kind of thing. You can watch the whole two-hour reveal above or just the new introduction video for the 7 here!

[The Verge]

6. “Were we committed enough to our senior portraits???”

James Charles brought his own lighting tools to his senior portrait thereby putting to shame me and everyone I know. THAT SAID: I did ask to get my braces off early for mine and the orthodontist wasn’t big on the idea but did it anyway. Is that more committed? The photos were still bad. Remember that fake dress top thing? I kind of want that back…

James you’re so cool!!!



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