#Hashtag Abuse Part 2

Should I credit Lorne Michaels for the genius that is Jimmy Fallon’s new late night show? The latter is winning Best of the Internet right now. Yesterday we highlighted his delightful conversation with “Harry Styles” — sorry, Stiles — and now we aggregate a second go at Hashtag Abuse (you remember the first round, right? He and Justin Timberlake went at each other with their gesticulated hashtags) featuring none other than Jonah Hill who happens to share a birthday with yours truly.

It is funny and quippy and spoiler alert, Martin Scorsese makes a brief cameo as does Quest Love, who comes in to save the day and yells “Fuck.”


[#Hashtag2 with Jimmy Fallon & Jonah Hill via The Tonight’s Show]

  • Jessica Rose

    I hate it when people overdose the hashtag on their instagram account!
    Seriously..#blonde #cold #hot #jumper #hair #fruit #blue #yellow I read this next to someones picture once….and it went on and it went on…and NOTHING made any sense!


    • Leandra Medine

      Hmmm. I smell an anthropological study on hashtag abusers coming up.

  • mdemaria

    Ugh, hate hashtag abusers! I have this friend that loves describing her instagram pictures, specially selfies with #cute #pretty #girl #beautiful… I mean.. can you possibly be ANY more full of yourself?
    Loved the video! <3

  • Brie

    i wonder how many times they have to film this? jimmy seems on point with his in-person hashtagging. also, JT and jimmy were waaaay funnier. i’ve got a friend on insta who hashtags everything under the sun. it’s random, a bit psychotic, and completely unrelated to her pictures. she’s a bit much in person though too…

  • Misha

    I thought the Justin Timberlake one was better!