Happy Birthday Jay-Z!


Shawn Corey Carter (yes! Corey! Wikipedia just told me so!) is celebrating his dawn of birth today as he turns a cool 44 years young. Who knows how Jay-Z — also known as Jigga, Hova, Blue Ivy’s dad, husband of Beyoncé and, of course, as the double-hand emoji that some also use as “blessed” which might as well be synonym for the rap phenom’s name — will spend this annually monumental occasion. Probably avoiding the embarrassing “Happy Birthday Song” while his family takes weirdly close pictures of him blowing out candles, for one. Isn’t that what all families do?

Anywhoons, in honor of his day, here are three of our favorite Jay-Z songs.

Without further ado:

BUT! And I mean a resounding, giant, hollering shout-of-a-but, we know there are like, 800 favorite and perfect songs. So, after we tell you ours, please and thank you tell us yours.

[JAY Z feat Justin Timberlake – Holy Grail]; [JAY Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder]; [JAY Z feat Beyoncé – 03 Bonnie and Clyde]

  • christina

    Can I Get A and Big Pimpin’, no doubt! Happy Birthday HOVA

  • I honestly don’t care about his music or whatever. But, happy birthday anyways.

    “I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day”! – New blog post on:

  • Madeline

    I proudly share Jay’s birthday, so for that reason, ‘December 4th’ is one of the favs…Happy Birthday Hov!!!

    • Rebeka Osborne

      That’s pretty cool. Happy birthday to you too!!

  • Cathrine

    I read this with a Jay Z voice in my head. It was impossible not to. Well, happy birthday, Hova!

  • Brie

    dirt off your shoulder, my first song, hard knock life, holy grail. although like you said there are so many good ones and i will forever have a playlist just for him. i ball so hard.

  • Charlotte Fassler


  • Stef

    Happy Birthday to the new Chairman of the Board. Big Pimpin, DOA, ROC Boys, Show Me What You Got, Encore, Dirt Off Your Shoulder and..99 Problems. Duh.

  • Rebeka Osborne

    HBD J! There are so many good ones. My favorites are probably I just wanna love u, onto the next one, and 03 Bonnie and Clyde. Also, if Crazy in Love counts then I want that on my favorites list too!

  • Maria

    I’m all about 99 Problems, Holy Grail, and Tom Ford.

  • JO

    Lucifer. AmAzInG

  • Rose

    Lucifer!! Hands down favorite. Maybe. I have a lot of Jay favorites.