Gunmetal Ear Cuffs? Sign Me Up.

Still stuck on larger-than-life ear adornments.

I want to say that my affinity for all-encompassing ear cuffs predates the craze that began sprouting sometime around the beginning of 2012. I think I’m right, too, if only because two summers prior to the trend’s official debut (can we chalk it up to the work of a combination of runway instances that included Rodarte, Jason Wu, Miu Miu and so forth?), I’d scored my own that did not necessarily function as an ear cuff and may have more closely resembled a hearing aid. It was gilded, though, and frankly, I was more than willing to match my grandfather’s newly festooned ear (his, was far less futile than mine was).

“Look, I like what you’re about, but you’re taking this too far,” one naysayer remarked.

“You’ve aged about 60 years in just one piece of jewelry application,” another derided.

But I didn’t give a shit – I still don’t – and in celebration of just that, I give you Roberto Cavalli’s gunmetal take on the trend. If I had to guess, I’d call it a slightly sinister nod to dark summer nights that even into the early stages of fall, we can keep close, whispering into our ears.

[$920 via Net-a-Porter]