Growing Up Brooklyn

I would have put substantial money on the fact that after the success of one Mr. Potato Head, the potato, a starchy, tuberous crop could not be reinvented again.

That is, until The New Potato came chopping cucumbers and seasoning flat bread with fashion rhetoric, spreading the gospel of both good cooking and clothes across the Internet using as a primary vessel for success cool people, their style and beverage/meal of choice to underscore the melting pot that is the divine relationship between food and fashion.

But that’s not it. Overachievers that this “New Potato” is, they started rolling out video content, too. You might remember that time Laura Brown of Harper’s Bazaar fame moved uptown and needed a crash course in living in the upper echelons of New York City, yes? With their brand new potato asses, they facilitated that lesson, using such icons as Simon Doonan and dimwits as myself, illustrating the hardships, victories and nuances of a life destined for many nosebleeds with a video they called Laura Brown Finds Her Local.

And then! This morning! They launched another video. It’s called Not Living in Brookyln in 2014 and all I have to say is this: someone get these women a freakin’ TV show.

[Not Living in Brooklyn in 2014 via The New Potato]

  • Oh my gosh, this was perfect. These girls are hilarious.

    I think the web would shut down from awesome overload if The New Potato crew did a collaborative web series with the High Maintenance crew. So many of the themes overlap in this video and HM, and it would just be a marriage like no other.

  • Stephanie

    This just made me laugh out loud at my desk! Awesome

  • rw1290

    This video is brilliant: smart, stylish, funny,professional and yet warm and friendly. Do more!!!!

  • As a Brooklyn resident, I.Love.This and The New Potato!

  • Maureen Krezel French

    I can’t wait to show this to my daughter….She leaves for FIT next Sunday and the back and forth debate between there and Pratt went on for days …..when we visited Pratt and asked the Fashion Design people why they thought Pratt was “better” than FIT they responded….well, We are in “Brooklyn”….. This was extremely funny….Thanks!!

  • This was hilarious! A great relaxer after work.