Love in The Age of Flour
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Does it feel windy? Because I’m about to blow your mind!

Just when we thought every single (ha) niche-dating website had already been penetrated, exploited and subsequently bastardized the burgeoning mating process, we were wrong. Sure, there’s JDate for Jews, Christian Mingle for the children of Jesus, Gay Cupid for homosexuals — there’s even Farmers Only for, you guessed it, farmers looking to copulate. But one very important group has obviously been left off the roster of he and she who shall homogeneously crossbreed.

While Farmers Only’s byline reads, “City folk just don’t get it,” a new dating site sheds light on another universal truth:¬†gluten lovers don’t get it, either. “It” being the trial and tribulation that goes into food consumption as a person stricken by the plague Celiac. Indeed, that’s where comes in to save the day and let it be known that your stool problem is my stool problem. Here’s to a wheat-free life of leisure.


  • Heidi

    I’m laughing, but this actually makes sense. I eat gluten free as best as I can and let’s just say my husband is a big fan of gluten, especially in the beer form. It does make certain meals more difficult, but he’s embraced the quinoa pasta and just downs it with a pint of his favorite beer. Thank goodness vodka is gluten free!

  • mknoun

    I’m sorry, but it’s plain stupid to not eat gluten if you aren’t allergic to gluten. This gluten-free trend is ridiculous. Gluten is actually beneficial to most diets in moderation, and the only people who shouldn’t be eating it have serious allergies and intolerances to it. Get educated people.

  • Whitney

    I saw this the other day haha! As someone who is GF bc of the allergy- it does seem like it would make life easier to be with someone who is also GF… but your offspring would be that much more likely to have the issue too. :/

  • Rebeka Osborne

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there are 500% more women than men on this website. I know a ton of ladies who don’t eat gluten but I cannot think of one man who refrains.