Girls Illustrated

Yesterday Amelia shared the illustrations of one Donald “Draw”bertson, who has effectively mastered the art of the enigmatic-but-highly-covetable fashion illustration. Today, we back pedal just one octane of formality (can formality be measured in octanes?) to consider the illustrations of another wunderkind of her own sort, Nina Crosford, who has taken to illustrating scenes from Girls.

In addition to the action scenes that are depicted in the illustrations, Crosford also offers portraits of the respecting leading ladies. All of which are up for purchase, the perfect dose of kitschy and vaguely nostalgia-inducing for the Sex and The City posters of yonder in this new-age, granola-chic, Brooklyn Brownstone-over-City Loft era we occupy.

Personally, I want the portrait Adam’s AA meeting leader for the Man Repeller office. Figure it will look really nice above the bar. Just kidding, we don’t have a bar. We do, however, have cookies.


[Girls Illustrated via Tumblr]

  • exploringwardrobes

    My god do I love Girls therefore by extension I’m all over these illustrations. I want them plastered on my walls! Like a Girls shrine. Not creepy at all…

  • Guest

    I’ve been following this dude on Insta for a few months…genius

  • Guest

    I’ve been following this Donald on Insta for a few months…genius. His friend Queen Ruba is pretty great too

  • Sabine

    Love these! I want all of them.