Gimme “Somme” That!

Who was it that first said, “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?”

Ah yes, Katy Perry.

I never fully understood what the hell she was talking about — possibly because I’m often distracted by whatever dangerous contraptions are cradling her breasts at any given point…she’s sartorially fearless and amazing — but when Leandra first started using Somme Institute and her skin started looking dewier than a dew baby, and I had to look at it every single day, I suddenly realized that I felt like a plastic bag. Or at least my skin did. And both of us, my epidermis and I, wanted to start again.

So I copied Leandra and bought Somme too. And I am telling you, scout’s honor with my hand to my heart, that it changed my face. Dry skin: bye. Pimples: bye. Questionable patches of where-did-you-come-from red: bye. For reals.

You may be like, “Ahh! I can’t spend money on my face! What about my shoes?” Well, Somme is offering a 40% discount for Man Repeller readers through Nov 27 (promo code: ManRepeller) which is really nice of them because now, each morning, we can all brush our teeth and touch our newly birthed skin and sing, “Baby, you’re a firework.”

[Somme 5-step regimen via Somme Institute]

  • EmmaM147
  • Jacqui

    Yikes, stop hawking a skin care regime that costs $175 ON SALE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME normal people can’t do this

    • Jessica Rose

      Well it kinda speaks volume when they have to offer it at 40% off doesn’t it!! I would never buy five products like this…if I never tried it before. I would start from one and then build on it depending on how I liked/saw results.

    • Aubrey Green

      I read another person’s review on these products – they said the serum and a-bomb, (I think that’s the name) are the two best products out of all of them, if you just want to try those two? Oh and apparently the eye cream is the best product from this line.
      Leandra and Amelia a before, somewhere in the middle and after picture would have been great!

      • Amelia Diamond

        Noted for next time re before/after BUT yes, the serum and a-bomb seem to be the two best out of all of them in my opinion (and definitely the two that you couldn’t replace with someone you already use).

    • CuriosityBlue

      Black Friday last year I got the starter kit of all 5 items half price. I was desperate, my eczema was out of control and I had used a sample, milked those packets for a week with promising results. It’s been a year of using these products and my skin has stayed stable, virtually no eczema and no pimples which I usually get from overmoisturizing my dry skin to avoid eczema. It’s expensive, so I watch for sales and “gift with purchase” deals to get the price down. The stuff spreads really well, so a little goes a long way. At the very least use the Transport (once a day or thrice a week only and cut those babies in half), Serum, and A-bomb and that should provide maximum benefit for the least cost. I’m super frugal and I have chosen to budge a little on this line.

  • Jensen Luther

    I always assumed Katy was referencing American Beauty with that plastic bag line…

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to give a shout out and say that I absolutely love me ‘Somme’ that!! I was using another (even more expensive) skincare regimen and I have to say that I went from desperate to dewy in a matter of a couple weeks after I started using Somme products. I figure the product will last for about two months so that’s less than a starbucks latte a day to have awesome skin- I’ll take it!

  • Arijana84

    This is sooo not fair…delivers only in US. MR, you have a lot of fans in Europe, too 🙂

  • Michy

    Europe needs Somme dat too 🙁

  • I just got it delivered to Europe through… it takes a little patience and you’ll have to pay a customs fee, but I hope it’s worth it! Have been using it since Monday now 🙂

    • Kari

      Hi, just curious if you were still able to use the Man Repeller discount when you went through a different site? Thanks!!

  • Amelie