Ghetto Fabulous

This Wednesday in Things I Want But Probably Won’t Get Because The Idea is Much More Romantic Than The Actual Product are these gold Nike Air Max sneakers as first seen this morning on Net-A-Porter.

In theory, they’re A+. In practice, they’re pretty badass too. I can already envision myself looking down to watch my steps glisten against the morose sidewalks of downtown New York City, providing a small but integral ray of hope and swag. I think I might even color-coordinate my hair to match the sneakers because I like spray paint and this seems like a great excuse to use it. It seems like where winning is concerned, everyone gets a chip off this block.¬†It’s just…

Once the novelty wears off where does that leave me?¬†Exercising in the spoils 0f Austin Powers’ second (sorry, THIRD), far less successful film debut?

I don’t know.

[Nike Air Max Metallic Sneakers via Net-A-Porter]

  • Nikita Prosser

    this is amazing. i feel like i could of wrote this. Hilarious as per usual xo

  • Nikita Prosser

    This is amazing, I feel like i could of wrote this! hilarious as always xo

  • mressentialist

    Just do it. Please.

  • Kay Bee

    That’s Austin Powers’ third trip to the theaters. But I’m a little embarrassed that I even know that.

  • Dee

    Maybe the sneakers are a bad idea but the spray painted hair is a great idea. I see nothing wrong with that one. Didn’t TopShop do that one year during a Spring-Summer line?

  • Very, very cool BUT I don’t know if longevity is rooting for them. Today they look like dreams but tomorrow they could look more like something from Baby Phat (Kimora what’s-her-face’s line) from the early 2000s. Wasn’t that logo a shiny gold cat or something?
    I have a tendency of going for what I feel RIGHT NOW, so I know that the latter though would hit me inevitably, I’d just be really good at denying it when money and heart is involved.