3 Fashion Shows to Help You Get Dressed

You know what to wear to a date, to work, to bed followed by a black tie wedding, but what about those trickier, weirdo scenarios?

In case you have a great grandmother’s upholstery convention coming up, 3.1 Phillip Lim will pair nicely with any velvet couches or jacquard wallpaper that you might need to go rogue chameleon into should you cross paths with your ex — he loves excellent, decadent textiles, too. Apart from that, this collection isn’t great for hiding. The coats, belled and thick, will cocoon you. The parkas will take up space and warm you. The gold and glitter will make you happy. If only Lim was on that direct-to-consumer train: next winter, if you need to kick the cold commute’s ass, wear this. — Amelia Diamond

There isn’t just one place to wear the slouchy, all-beige ensembles at Mansur Gavriel. That’s because each one was likely meant to be a blank palette for the accessories to stand out. So let’s say the full spectrum of multi-colored, richly textured bags and shoes are all tubes of paint waiting to be squeezed onto paper: add those bright red loafers to an al fresco taco dinner on a boat carrying the Bay City Rollers; take the happiest yellow open back mules (with a matching frame handbag) as your date to a summer wedding so late it occurs in the middle of winter, and wear the shearling-lined platform booties on a snowy afternoon. You may think that sounds boring and normal, but just ask yourself: what if the Abominable Snowman started to chase me? — Alison Syrett

Say you feel your lids getting heavy but the calendar (as it consistently reminds you on your phone) is packed. What you need is a very chic nap, but there’s a PLOT TWIST: when you sleep, there’s a high chance that you’ll have a weird dream that you’re a reindeer roaming the Alaskan landscape while on the hunt for a statement blanket. Zero + Maria Cornejo, a designer who is known for making comfort look good, will be able to help, cloak, style and then some. Don’t forget to say thank you! — Amelia Diamond

Runway photographs via Vogue Runway and NowFashion.com; atmosphere photographs by Krista Anna Lewis.


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