Get Off the Phone

All too often I have been That Girl who, so engrossed in her phone, walks directly into other people and/or inanimate objects. Worse is that I remain equally as engrossed mid and post collision, so that my tango partner inevitably does me the favor of just going around. Where that inanimate object is concerned, well, it’s a wonder my legs don’t continue walking while I remain in place, like an old school computer game character who has hit a literal wall. Regarding traffic, I’ve been known to cross streets blindly.

I have an excuse — we all do, right? I’m checking my email, answering emails, working on my next story, etc. Once you learn that the sidewalk can just as easily become your desk it makes for a very productive work commute. But man is it obnoxious.

Here’s what I’ll never do: photograph my food. And after watching this video below, I’m going to make a full resolution to stop texting at dinner, filming street performers, and uploading photos of my imaginary child’s first birthday to Facebook instead of celebrating it with him or her.

I can’t promise to stop working on the go, but I’ll at least break for animals. And at stop lights, I’ll totally pause.

Who’s with me?
[Rhett and Link Make the Best Appeal to Get Off Your Damn Phone Already via AdWeek]

Image via Tommy Ton

  • Love it! I have started to sometimes deliberately forget my phone at home. At first, it’s kind of terrifying, but then it’s strangely liberating…