Confronting the Flash

The benefits of following Lena Dunham on Twitter are manifold. On the one hand, you are subject, at any given moment to consume such comedic gems as “My health googles have led to me a condition called ‘sherbet legs,’” or, “Statistic: roughly 90% of the men who call me fat on twitter have a confederate flag as their avatar.” Furthermore, too, you are reminded that every time she lets one rip, Dunham has elected to have a photo of her young self, made up as a ventriloquist’s dummy function as her avatar.

And then sometimes, she even benches her own sense of humor to share a profoundly fascinating — and often tantamount-in-comedic-and-prolific timing — slice of intellect from elsewhere. Most recently, I noticed on Monday that she tweeted a YouTube link tethered to a comment about its being an antidote to today’s Internet, which redirected me to Chioke Nassor’s Storytime: Sasheer Meets her Flasher. 

It seems true to Dunham form that she would endorse a video that is equal parts comedy and political charge to make a nuanced point about the reality of vile behavior in conjunction with the choice a woman faces to act on her freedom and empower herself to walk away from an uncomfortable and highly degrading situation almost completely unaffected and scathed. To give her flasher, however, so much as even an aorta of credit in the department of aftermath-related sentimentality seems unlikely.

Still, Sasheer: 1. Flasher: 0. (As in, inches).

  • I quite enjoyed this. Thanks, Man Repeller and Lena Dunham for the chance to see a flasher from a different perspective. 😉

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    I remember seeing this video (no humblebrag – just familiar with it). However, I didn’t know of Sasheer before reading about her after the ‘no women of color on SNL’ thing really blew up. (Well, blew up with polite society as opposed to the conversations I’d have with other minority women about the dearth of colorful hues on SNL.) Sasheer’s take is not empty and I so identify with it. Not another humblebrag: just a woman. And Lena does, as she’s always done, all women a solid. I’m sure some will look at this as her mea culpa for the lack of diversity on her show. Sigh. It is as it is sometimes in this world. Ok, I’m on one. Sorry. Leah and Sasheer are funny & talented. Not to profile but wouldn’t it be cool if Sasheer had a guest spot on ‘Girls’?

    • Quinn Halman

      This girl is rumoured to be one of the top 3 candidates they might hire. My source is BuzzFeed so take this how you will.

  • Bodil Loïs

    Loved this video 🙂 thanks for sharing this!

    Love Bodil,

  • The impulse of a Flasher such as the above is merely further evidence that he’s dealing with very meager physical means. Like you said, “as in inches.” Napoleon Complex — although he sure as hell can’t hide his dumbass actions behind that.