Gender Bender

Much to my dismay, the swoon-inducing Jordan Catalano circa 2013 pictured above is not my future boyfriend, nor is he yours.  “He” is model Daria Werbowy. Not only is she one of the best looking girls on the planet, but she also puts most attractive dudes to shame. Fair? Nope, so I have deduced she must be a superhuman of sorts.

In this gender-bending stop-motion video produced for Nowness, photographer Cass Bird teamed up with Werbowy to explore what a large role clothing plays in fabricating one’s identity. Styled by Werbowy herself, she seamlessly assumes six-roles throughout the minute-long video ranging from a female exercise instructor to a skater boy.

Visually, Bird garnered inspiration from Cindy Sherman’s 1970s collages which consist of black and white magazine cutouts situated on stark white backgrounds. Pure visuals aside, Werbowy channels Sherman in her chameleonic ability to morph into each role with aplomb. It’s pretty remarkable how instantaneously clothing can alter sexuality and how expertly Werbowy emanates masculine energy.

Watch below and then tell me you don’t have a full blown crush.

[Cass Bird x Daria Werbowy on]

  • AGH! so glad you posted this! I was talking about her the other day. She is amazing!

  • Guest

    She is the coolest.

  • Curvily NYC


  • Tiffany Mac

    SO interesting to watch. Love.

  • She sort of won me over with the Underarm trick, loved this!

  • The Socialbite

    Canadian chicks are the baddest

  • runway2street


  • Lucy Adler

    She rules.

  • Tonytonybaloney

    So how do you feel about Carmen Carrera wanting to walk for Victoria Secret?