For $4,105, This Denim Jumpsuit Can be Yours

Which, I suppose, after seeing the damn thing seems like a drop of water in the pond of coolness because, hello, not only is it dreadfully no longer 1991, it’s also not still the era of Elvis and so that one garment can evince the spirit of both those things is remarkable, really. It’s just…why?



I am all about supporting designers and their creative endeavors. In fact, I am the asshole who spends upward of $200 on plain white tennis sneakers simply because the strategic lace placement, or hidden wedge, or quirky, oversized tongue sells me but in the case of this here denim playsuit which, don’t get me wrong, I REALLY REALLY WANT, I have to wonder whether buying a glue gun, some rhinestones and shredding up a pair of old overalls is not the best idea I have ever had.

I might report back, I might not. In the mean time — how lovely would it look with a white turtleneck beneath it, houndstooth blazer over it, and some tights and flat ankle boots? I love when the Internet pretends to be my closet.

[Miu Miu playsuit via Net-a-Porter]

  • Stefanie

    Do it! Perfect excuse to buy a bedazzler, right?!

  • exploring wardrobes
  • Alona

    This post actually made me laugh. I’d rather buy 4000$ worth of pizza than a jumpsuit that looks like my little brother decorated it.



  • CDJ

    I think I saw a similar one at Carters while shopping for my friend’s baby niece. I haven’t been able to fit into a size 3T for years now, though.

  • dustUP

    Considering that it doesn’t really take much designer skills to bedazzle a denim jumpsuit to begin with, I’m sure your effort wouldn’t count as stealing or even DIY, you would be merely “designing” your own.

    You have green light from me!

  • I say DIY it!! You & your wallet will be happy you did.

  • maud.schellekens

    Crazy amount of money, but it is really cute!

    XOXO Maud


  • Bloomaglow

    Well all I must say is: what in the world? Seriously what is this world coming to? I also like to support designers but that is ridiculous. I personally would not wear this either way. By either way I mean even if it was a gift. But since you love it, I would highly suggest DIY!!

  • Calling bullshit on their pricing of above piece. That profit margin in just plain greedy at that point.

  • I must be losing my mind, because I think with the right shirt – this could be kind of cute. Does someone have a zanax I could have?


  • Marta Pozzan

    I remember seeing that denim jumpsuit and Joe Zee said every woman must have it… Just $4,105 right?!

  • Katharina

    @exploringwardrobes:disqus is perfectly right: DIY!

  • Well, there’s a blog for that, too … (there are many, actually, most of them simply great)

  • Kandeel

    thrift a pair of overalls DIY that sucker and wear it with a bedazzled belt like on the net-a-porter website you linked above! Id rather buy a leather jacket than buy that jumpsuit!!

  • Didi

    Ay Dios Mío! I feel traumatized. Tragic, simply tragic. Wow, complete abortion of a style. I wish I could have NOT just seen that. Look away: Quickly… 😉