Florals, For Spring?

I know. It’s ground breaking. And that movie reference is overused. But regardless, I couldn’t help but perk up like a human tulip when I remembered that today marks the first wing of spring.

This calendar-appropriated day that signifies winter’s official end has long been an important one to me, because along with the sunshine and happiness it promises, I begin my annual Refusal of the Coat ceremony regardless of the current weather situation.

Similar to my Transitional Coffee Ceremony (wherein my daily intake switches from hot to cold or vise-versa — though sometimes I’m a total wild card and get iced in January for the hoot of it), the Refusal of the Coat is often met with arched eyebrows and sideways glances, but I am nothing if not loyal to the sun’s announcement of spring.

And so, to honor my allegiance to the coming months and show that yes, iTunes, I have read and understand the terms of agreement that April may very well bring showers — I decided to go dream-shopping in the Internet’s garden of pre-May flowers.

First up, I’m putting this turquoise skirt covered in raffia marigolds on my wish list. Next I want this clutch that will act as a bouquet (but won’t make me sneeze), and this headband by Eugenia Kim that will have me feeling far more Dolce-nymph than Coachella kid. And though I’m not sure where I’ll wear it to, I just want it to be mine.

Zimmerman made these board shorts that I just want to drop low on my hips so I can pretend I’m Shailene Woodley. Then speaking of things I’m not, I’d love it if someone would take the plunge on this floral Mother of Peal jumpsuit since I can’t pull it off — believe me, if I could, I would, so if you can, you should.

And then, finally, if I chicken out of the pattern completely, there’s always this striped Suno shirtdress which has just enough of that garden I’m green-thumbing.

Ok. Your turn.

  • This headband is really nice, and so is the striped shirtdress (which is very summery to me, almost nautical)!

  • The clutch is an absolute dream. Headband is equally dreamy, but £125… no thank you, I’ll stick to making my own!

    • Amelia Diamond

      If you actually make one, will you post a pic? Would love to see!

      • Alex Poirier

        Little difficult to see, but here’s one my girlfriend made. Featuring flowers and spikes and pearls!

        • Guest

          And Pearls!

        • Amelia Diamond

          this is awesome

  • That skirt is everything, it’s sold out but I’m telling yay makes me wanna grab come ribbon and DIY a skirt I have a gorgeous green that I would love to do this with.

    • Amelia Diamond

      grrrr I know. if you DIY will you share a pic?

  • This clutch is really something!


  • Dominique
  • Ah, that movie quote almost makes me feel guilty about thinking of florals in spring and yet, I AM thinking of florals this spring and loving them as always. I don’t do printed patterns, though and only like embroideries or, even better, 3-d arrangements – from last year’s Chloe to this year’s Dolce&Gabbana with Ferretti and de la Renta added in. Irresistible! x


  • Great Post! Glad to know the annual refusal of a coat because it is technically spring no matter what the weather happens for others and not just me!!! I can’t wear a coat anymore… for a long long time.

  • Karen

    Love the post!

  • Biancamaria Sacco

    so pretty !!!

  • Letitia Elizabeth

    I am so ready for spring!

  • This totally reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda (Meryl Streep) goes “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”