Flip Your Slip — Dress, That Is

Sometimes my titles try so hard. But on unofficial day 20 of this pervert season that’s not fall but isn’t not fall either, it must be asked: what in the good name of leather slide sandals are you, me, we to wear? It’s too hot for down coats, too cold for white linen dresses and not quite high-time we beef up our fall/winter wardrobes yet. As is always the case when outfitting conundrums rear their sinister heads, street style has the answer. And according to one showgoer in Milan, a good idea is to take your favorite slip dress from summer and wear it over wool, pinstriped pants.

This will keep your legs and the nucleus that separates them warm but will also allow for you to continue to show off your fancy shoulder tan and how nice your toes look when your feet are still vaguely bronzed and not quite yet restored to that pasty shade of white that veers onto yellow spectrum.

Also of note: hair ties are so cool.

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  • Love this look! I fear it only looks good on those with narrow hips and a smaller butt though. I understand the outfit conundrum going on this time of year that you speak of. I was just wondering what the hell I was going to wear today (fall on the brain, but summer temps outside). Thanks for giving me this idea as I think I might still try it and see how it looks! It looks fantastic on her.


  • Lenka

    To cold for down coats and too hot for white linen dresses? Thanks for the inspiration though! I always appreciate it 🙂

    • Leandra Medine

      Hah. Good catch!

  • Ooh, I like this look! Reminds me of the pants-over-dress thing I used to so religiously subscribe to in the 3rd grade. Good times.

    This woman looks slightly cooler, though, and the proportions of the slip dress are far better. I think it also looks nice when the entirety of the outfit is working off variations of similar color/s.

    • you would wear that in the 3rd grade

      • andrea raymer

        when i was in elementary school, my friend’s older sister did this all the time and we thought it was the coolest thing ever.

  • Selina

    Very Edgy look. I love different and personalized styles…


  • Sagine Gay

    Pervert season! I love this. I would also love your thoughts on how to use some, if not most, of the items in our summer closet for fall!

  • Shelby Soke

    The seasonal struggle is real right now. At this time of year I embrace that at any given moment I may be publicly, uncomfortably sweaty or shivering violently.

    I love the concept, although I always feel that my upper body is chilly and my legs are immune to cold.

    • nycshoegal

      I’m with you there, which is why I normally flip this look and wear oversized chunky knits on top with dainty lingerie-style skirts and dresses underneath, open toes included. Et Voila!

  • Adriana

    Is like you guesses exactly – I just got the H&M Studio AW14 slip dress and was wondering where to wear it without risking hypothermia. Great tip with the pants below. I was also thinking to keep it bare legs and enormously over-sized jumper.

  • lavieenliz

    the slides are the best


  • Elif

    I think that’s Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now (http://www.fashionmenow.co.uk/) and yes she has officially won the transition – however I’d probably need a sweater over that dress, living in Montreal we have long entered the “I think it’s fall and there’s nothing we can do about it now” phase.


  • Abigail

    I know I can’t wear white linen dresses, but can I wear white pants? I know the labor day rules and I know there is ample discussion, but if anybody says yes, what should I be wearing them with?

    • Amelia Diamond

      i wear white jeans year round (though i don’t do linen, just from a freezing cold stand point).every single sweater looks good with white jeans. (white chords too? they look bad on me but i like the idea of them)

  • Not so much digging the look, but with the way you write, you could make wearing hippo hair tights sound if not appealing, at least intriguing… :p


  • The way I’m rollin with this is:
    1) Tuck button-up shirt into tights/spanx/long johns
    2) Put on slip dress
    3) Tie sweater/light jacket around waist
    Mine are all on the shorter side so I’m wearing them with my Frye engineer or campus boots.
    Lipstick/braided updo optional.

    • Emma Tynan

      Very grunge! Love it… I did the slip dress the first time around in two ways – Pink iridescent transparent with the original wonder bra and short-shorts. Hair in a bun and white sneakers. Then a black with pink flowers and ribbon straps with a leather jacket, fishnets and boots and a Betty Boo Bob. Oh the 90’s LOL. This time around it is army green with deep cut sides, a bandeau bra, chunky gold jewellery and Ralph Lauren sandals. Big hair.


  • I wish I could rock this look too 🙁
    Last part of our Dr. Martens Diaries up now!
    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // IG: @jiaachacruz

  • Absolutely love this look, not sure why I ever stopped wearing it. Will be taking it into winter by switching out the sandals for boots and throwing a sweater over that dress and a jacket over that sweater and a scarf over that jacket and layers layers and more layers.

  • Millie