Five Things Happening Outside of NYFW

Pop quiz: Was the last Instagram picture you liked a street style photograph, runway shot or model selfie? Did you spend most of dinner last night referencing “Tory,” “Oscar” and “Narciso” like old and dear friends? Do your biggest plans this evening involve buying snacks for tomorrow’s Marc Jacobs livestream?

If you answered check, check and double check (because double snacks), you need a NYFW break. Air out your brain with these five things happening beyond the new collections:

1. Oprah KonMari-ed her closet.


Her massive work closet at Harpo Studios, that is. She’s in the process of relocating from Chicago to the West Coast and invited The Coveteur to document the whole thing. Everything she’s getting rid of will be auctioned off on eBay to support her charity, The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. [The Covetuer]

And because it never gets old, let us remember the bees.

2. In other celebrity news: James Corden has dropped yet another delightful carpool video, this time with Sia.

Although the singer’s face is obscured by a super long wig (in the words of Miranda: leave her alone, it’s her thing), the host gets her to share some random and fascinating facts about the mysterious musician, like her ability to hold 12 eggs at the same time. With her eyes covered!

3. You, however, will want full vision tonight when the Broad City girls return for a third hilarious season at 10 P.M. ET on Comedy Central.


Clear your schedule (after all that pre-MJ grocery shopping, of course) and check out this teaser clip.

4. Can’t wait? Reading will this will help pass the time.


Check out The New Potato’s fascinating profile on W Magazine’s fashion and style director Edward Enninful. They cover his prolific career, his thoughts on the state of media today, and, because it’s a food-focused blog: pancakes! [The New Potato]

5. Mmm, pancakes are so good. But they’re probably not great for overweight cats, the latest topic of interest for The New York Times.


This week the newspaper takes a very, very deep dive into the world of pudgy felines — one subject in particular is referred to as “a furry Pilates ball” — and how calorie restriction could affect their mood. It’s something to talk about at dinner, you know? Also, there’s cute pictures. [New York Times]

Now back to business: MR has new reviews from Day 6 (here and here) on tap, and a special street style edition day in the life from our intrepid photographer, Krista. Enjoy!