Five Important Lessons, As Taught by Chanel’s Resort Show in Dubai

If what they say is true and fashion is like a school, then it must also be fact that Karl Lagerfeld is its principal. Never has this seemed as salient and true as it did yesterday after the anterior debuted his 83-look Chanel collection for Resort 2015 in Dubai. Forget the breadth of the collection — which for many designers includes no more than, let’s say 30-45 looks and therefore speaks volumes to Lagerfeld’s a) creative direction, b) stamina, c) ability to prepare a sandwich  — each clothed model came complete with a lesson, open for interpretation and discussion. But in the interest of brevity, we’ve condensed the prolific, manifold slivers of education to encompass five overarching points for which it is, frankly, our moral obligation to consume.

1. Wear a head moon. We’ve got to wear micro-head moons which should not be confused for headbands, chiefly because the latter do not maintain pendant-sized pavé moons that rest a few inches ahead the crown of your, your know, head.

Also of note: while there was no nod to Texas-sized hair when Chanel showed Pre-Fall in Dallas last December, there sure is a salute in that direction here with manes so wide, you’re left to wonder if Diana Ross has, in fact, had it right all along.

2. If you’re still thinking about socks and sandals, stop thinking and just do. While Spring may have been about the patent leather pump glued to an oatmeal-colored sock, resort is about exposed toes and lamé leg coverings.

3. Forget your harem pants and travel one step beyond harem pants. You see that ankle cinching. You see those disco ball metallics, they’re almost as unnecessary but deeply necessary as #4, which tributes unnecessary but deeply necessary pants.

Must you place a pair over your legs if you’re going to be wearing a long skirt or dress? No one is putting a gun to your head here, but after having seen what a white, cropped, embroidered pair or a complimenting, oversize gingham print number can do your larger look, it’s safe to say you at very least should.

And finally, lesson #5 is not so much a lesson as it is an observation in the direction of breathtaking embroidery. Good golly goose eggs, am I right? (Also of note is the Chanel-branded oil tank-as-handbag. Sometimes being hyper-literal is the only way to maintain a beautiful, unaffected and completely unassuming sense of naïveté.)

Thoughts for the audience welcome, encouraged, needed. Go!

Images via Vogue

  • Laura

    Principal not Principle. 🙂

    • Leandra Medine

      ugh, thank you sometimes i feel so dumb

  • GapToothedGirl

    Socks and sandals??? It’s a dream to my feet…
    xox, love Gap

  • AlexaJuno

    Simon Doonan coined the phrase “fashion verklempt” to describe people being moved to tears by runway shows. I never understood this phenomenon until this very moment. Uncle Karl and co. have truly outdone themselves. Breathtaking collection.

  • Liz

    I want the gas can bag bad.

  • Olivia

    Suggestions for good sock-pairing sandals??? Ready to try this trend but not sure what shoes are apropro.

  • Warmleatherette

    Oh boy, big hair. Wavy hair girls REJOICE!!!

  • I’m now fully obsessed with those pointy-toe ankle wrap shoes. They’re so perfect.

  • charmystique

    See-through patterned trousers and gingham print? GIMME!!!

  • Kelly

    I see references to both Klimt and Diana/Artemis here. very vibrant collection.

    • Kelly

      and medieval Islamic architecture!

  • roberta

    this is phenomenal! I live in Dubai and it is exactly the spirit of the region!

  • MosesKilbourne

    I think that these lesson are Inspired me .

  • So big, messy hair is back? Good, because messy chic has always been a trend in my book!

  • Silvia Vigatà

    Flat shoes, perfect ¡¡¡ The rest it’s up the way you were them

  • Agnès

    I am surprised you don’t mention at all a link between the fact this show takes place in Dubai and that the fashion is clearly created with the Arabic customers of Chanel in mind – covered legs and some ‘blingbling’ – which are a very important part of Chanel’s market. There is a lot of market strategy next to the creativitiy in Chanel which to my opinion must be recognized.

  • Obsessed with the head moons!! The hairstyles are so fabulous as well – love that volume.

  • Brett

    Not a dull moment in the 20-something minute show. From a man in our generation, that says enough.

  • Marcelly Corbusier

    Happiness is the only word that can describe what I felt when I saw the hair style 🙂 that’s what my hair is all about: curly, big, with volume… Finally, he showed a way to use it “naturally” without looking like Shirly Temple 🙂