Finger Painting Beauty Brand PSA: RMS Will Save Your Morning Face

If time is money then this organic beauty brand is gold: RMS. The packed-into-pots peeps of color, coverage, highlighter and help-make-me-look-alive-pigment is a godsend for anyone who uses her finger tips as makeup brushes and relies on reflective services during the daily commute as opposed to steady, proper mirrors.

Our editor-at-large, Verena, was the pied piper who led me into the clean, no fuss world of RMS. I sit next to her and every day that she comes in she’s all…perfect looking. Fresh faced and dewy (but not greasy) with a flushed pink color on her cheeks and lips. I never questioned it because what do you say to someone who is eternally dewy?? What’s your favorite wildflower field to wake up at dawn in?

And then one day after work, toward the tail end of a meeting over drinks with Leandra, she pulled out a pot, pressed her finger to it, tapped the product on her lips then rubbed the excess into her cheeks. THAT WAS THE COLOR. Then she took another pot out, pressed her finger into it, glided said finger from under-brow-arch to the top of her cheek bone and…oh my god. The code was cracked.

So now RMS is my new obsession thanks to her. Each of their products are quick, hard-to-mess up beauty enhancers that are the answer to those mornings where you wake up like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and those nights when you have to meet people post-office and you’re like, “Fuck.” They’ll save your face and that expensive cursing habit.

Told you this brand was gold.


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  • Camila Dauhajre

    Yes!!! Love love love

  • Chi Huang

    Obsessed! I have done review on RMS lip2cheek on my blog 🙂

  • Guest

    I can’t even express how thrilled I am to see RMS featured on MR! Rose Marie is as authentic as they come and so are her products – I have nearly every product from the line and use RMS almost exclusively at this point. If, like myself, you’re not really one for applying products with fingers in public I strongly recommend all four of the RMS Brushes, as they are of a phenomenal quality. I also encourage everyone to really research the contents of traditional cosmetics because once you do you will realize that the value of RMS goes way beyond the convenience factor and the gorgeous colors. And it bears repeating that the colors are GORGEOUS!! Now I sound like a PSA, but I just can’t help it. It is not really much of an exaggeration to say that discovering RMS was life-changing!

  • Hannah

    The Buriti Bronzer is fairy dust in a perfect frosted glass container and the answer to all of my prayers.

  • Julie

    I really like the Master Mixer and embrace that rose-goldy glow, but fear that most of the RMS products either wouldn’t really offer any acne coverage or because of my ever-oily eyelids would just end up squashed into a grimy line in my crease!

    • Lyndsay

      I thought that too but srsly no. It has excellent coverage and stays on my skin (which sounds similar to yours – I use it on blemishes, eyelids and under eyes) all day. I set it with the un-powder for increased staying power, but it stays on well by itself, too. I’ve also found the formula to be really effective in preventing future breakouts – it’s coconut oil based though, so do be aware of that, because some people find it to be comedogenic.

  • Amelia, try their concealer next!! It is amazing and I cannot live without it!

  • Lyndsay

    I recently tried RMS un-cover up and converted with a fervent zeal! The un-powder is amazing, too, especially in summer – I have no idea how it does this, but it dials sweaty greaseface riiiiight down to ‘what’s your favourite wildflower field to wake up next to at dawn?’ (dying at that, btw!).

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      I just got it and I am soooo obsessed. I can’t believe how soft it makes my face.

      • Lyndsay

        Oh yeah, it just melts right into your skin and the longer you use it the nicer the texture of your skin becomes. Love!

  • How did I miss this piece on RMS?? I really like the un-coverup and highly recommend everyone try their powder. I did find the lip2cheek to be a bit drying, though 🙁