Ferragamo Live! From Leandra’s Head.

I have always said that Leandra has the strangest size head. It’s like a little baby pea. This comes in handy for three things:

1) If we ever need someone to safely stick their head in between a bannister or some other tight area to retrieve something, Leandra can. No way am I doing that job. No way, no how sister, because my head is the size of a fish bowl.

2) Sunglasses. She always looks good in sunglasses and it’s really annoying.

3) When Ferragamo decides that they’re going to stream their Fall 2014 show live from her point of view. Which they are, this Sunday at 6 PM in Italy (or 12 PM in NYC).

Think about it! She’s super tall, so watching the show from her tiny, fast moving head will be like having the best seat in the house without having to actually do anything or go anywhere — especially because there is no better seat than your own bed, with a cozy laptop warming up your belly like a cat.

Actually, Ferragamo’s going to offer five different camera angles in total that you can choose from (aerial! And some other guests!) but when ol’ pea-head Medine is one of the options, I’m obviously going with her. Mostly because it’s only been one day and I already miss that stupid baby-head.

So come hang out with us and watch what’s sure to be a beautiful stream of Italian clothes from both your bed and her eyeballs, and maybe text me in the comments below if you want to grab a bagel or something. If anyone else bothers us we can just be like, “Not now Martha! I’m at a FASHION SHOW in MILAN.”

Ya know?

Part of a collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo. Follow Man Repeller and #FerragamoLive for the day’s events.

  • Oliver Lips

    Sounds interesting! I will for sure tune in tomorrow.

  • melba

    she’s totally gorgeous!


  • Mart

    wow, that’s something new 😉

  • Super excited for this! Leandra honestly seems to have the longest legs….how tall is she?

  • You and Eva were aDorBs.