Fashion Sure Beats Doing Homework

You’re probably hunkered down at home right now due to the THOUSANDTH BLIZZARD THIS WINTER and “working remotely,” aka watching Planet Earth reruns while refreshing your email, projecting your anger on to your local weather person. If you’re in the office or school, you are probably glaring out the window with narrowed eyes, silently cursing anyone who has ever complained about humidity, or sweating, or hot flashes.

The weather almost ruined CFDA’s day too — they were scheduled to hold in-person appointments for their Fashion Incubator Class of 2014 designers, but this rude ass snow storm caused them to cancel. The CFDA Incubator Class of 2014 made a really delicious Hot Lemonade Toddy out of wintry lemons, however, by way of The website is hosting the intended “day” virtually, replete with get-to-know-the-designer videos and looks from their current collections.

You know what this means? DIGITAL DIGITAL GET DOWN, with fashion. Sorry. Fa$hion.

I just spent the better portion of my hour watching clips of designers like Reece Hudson, Daniel Vosovic, Timo Weiland, and this really charming one below of Jonathan Simkhai.

So even if you’re supposed to be doing something else, at least you’ll learn something new, and like Leandra keeps repeating by way of SNL’s Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy…say it with me now…

It sure beats doing homework!

[Visit, create a log in, and you’re good to go.]

  • It really does haha. But sometimes you need to do homework. Right now I should get really working on my something I need to finish tomorrow. But instead of doing that (it probably will finish in the middle of the night so I’ve got dark eyes on uni tomorrow but who cares?) I’m reading this post, and a lot of other ones. Priorities at first right? And I’m guessing that’s blogging at this moment, I will hit myself probably in about an hour when the stuff still isn’t finished and it really is going to be nightwork.

    Anyway, that was a huge comment. Loved this post.

  • Elisa Taviti
  • Yes! Totally with you on the refreshing your email…to keep up the mirage that you’re working of course. I mean, surely I’m working if I’m on top of my email, right? 😉

  • reading this instead of studying for my calc test…