Fashion PSA: Madewell Jeans are The Best I’ve Ever Had

Is the jury still out on which is harder to find — the perfect man or perfect jeans?

My instinct says no — but not particularly because I’ve been able to resolve that one is easier to locate than the other. It appears as though I’ve been able to find at least approximations of both in relatively fell swoops. And though it took a longer time to find the jeans (I resolved the man was perfect long before he resolved that I was a fitting partner), the street lamp at the end of that road provided hope and promise. Hope because, relatively speaking, the jeans in question are actually affordable. Promise because any physical manifestation of good denim that could plausibly combat ye olde saying, “they don’t make ’em like this anymore” is reason enough to investigate. No?

So let us turn our attention to Madewell, where the indigo flows like bats in the night, the rises vary according to your relationship with self and not the other way around and the variety of fits range more extensively than that of the mylk selection at Organic Avenue.

I, personally, have taken toward the high riser in black sea with the holes at the knee. They’re great with navy sweaters when its cold and sequined tank tops when it’s hot. In a dream world, I’m also wearing these. In white. With boots and knits and t-shirts and dresses over them.

I have yet to meet a shirt more useful than this one and know — just know — that come Fall, this mighty fellow will fall into the rotation more seamlessly than a duck meets water.


See for yourself. It’s like George Zimmer always said — you’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it.

Images via Madewell look books 

  • ee_by_cc

    I second that emotion. Madewell is one of my go-to’s for basics that aren’t basic. Just did a post on that chambray shirt…it’s just about as good as it gets!

  • Angie

    I love Madewell, but I don’t think I agree. I have a couple great pairs but none of the styles I’ve tried maintain their shape (stretch or no stretch). Speaking of stretch–I have yet to find jeans with stretch that fit the same way no matter how I often I wear and wash them. My all time favorite pair of jeans are Imogene & Willie’s Elizabeth jeans w/ an ultra high rise waist. They are perfect (and worth the splurge).

    • Lady Biltmore

      I agree. (with not agreeing I mean) The stretch seems egregious in Madewell sometimes. And the fading (whiskering?!?) on Madewell jeans always manages to look way cheesier in person than it does in their admirably shot photo campaigns.

    • Call To Style

      Angie, have you tried Rag and Bone? Awesome stretch!!

  • Chantel

    Nice jeans.

  • Aubrey Green

    I haven’t tried Madewell Jeans yet. I personally love J Brand Jeans. I am currently wearing $10 jeans from F21 though and they fit really well.

  • starryhye

    Jeans are so tricky these days! I’ve only tried Madewell’s once, a long time ago, and the rise was ridiculously low. Maybe I should try them again? Those “slim slouch” styles are calling my name! But then again, I’m less that thrilled at the thought of spending over $100 on jeans. I know. I’m weirdly cheap about jeans. I had good luck with H&M’s “regular rise” jeans last year and they’ve held up well.

    • I have three pairs of those H&M regular rise jeans–they fit well and never ever could slip down to expose my butt. however, they do wear through relatively quickly. holes have already started forming after just over a year of wear. i wonder if madewell would be more substantial…

  • missingtheoldmanrepeller

    hi leandra, im so happy to see it saying by Leandra Medine because honestly i miss the time when it used to be only you writing this blog.

  • How timely! I just realized that I only own, like, 4 pairs of pants, and I’ve just moved to one of the most notoriously cold cities in North America.

  • wry

    I like the styles, but the material is so cheap and thin.

  • Alexandra Puffer

    I keep reading denim is out – what? I’m just getting started with cuffs and boyfriend fits. Down with leggings!

    Warm regards,


  • Gigi

    further PSA: madewell has a 15% student discount

  • Can confirm. If I ever need to holla at some chambray, Madewell is my go-to.


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  • María

    They look gorgeous versatile and comfortable. I’m definitely going to buy some.
    Lots of love, xx

  • Cinamaron

    I want to love Madewell jeans so bad (since pretty much the rest of my wardrobe is from there) but I have had the worst luck with sizing! It really seems to vary radically depending on the cut or rinse of the jean. I would just buy them in-store where I could try them on first, but their darkest blue rinses are (or at least were) online-only.

  • ShanIsRad

    I LOVE Madewell jeans. I have to buy them on sale, because I can’t afford the original price, but luckily I have found 2 great pairs on sale over the past few months at the Soho store- black Skinny Skinny Ankle Zip (on me, they’re normal length), and dark wash Skinny Skinny. I have trouble finding jeans that fit, their jeans fit me really well, and I don’t have a huge gap in the waist.

    I love their shirts too, the ex-boyfriend button downs are great if you have a larger chest, I don’t get the button gap!! And their dresses have pockets, which is the best thing ever.

  • Ingrid

    J Crew warehouse sales = buy all the Madewell jeans, and for the slight cost of $15 a pair. Previous seasons, but when it comes to jeans, does it reeeeaaaallly matter that much?

  • I was almost going to ask, “Why are we quoting George Zimmerman?” then I realized I can’t read.

    Otis Unfiltered

  • oi i love them! and don’t listen to the comments when they say size down for the more boyfriend styles bc it wouldnt look boyfriend if you sized down. & thanks leandra for wearing the selvedge boyfriend in white clover they look so perf on you. im gonna buy them now since theyre on SALE!

  • katrina

    I like the jeans in the last pic, it is totally my style.

  • David B. Pittard

    Whenever I encounter an article on jeans, I am reminded: the perfect jeans may be the jeans you are wearing because they are your favorite – right now. Cloning is a specialty of – satisfaction is guaranteed, and the size specialty is yours. Yes, Sam Meeks operates out of Nairobi, but FedEx to your door is first class – his years in the ragtrade include stints with Levi Strauss, plant management with Jordache, and consulting world-wide. Plus, you choose material, thread, and grommets. Small enough to detail to your custom design, add interesting pockets, etc.

  • Call To Style

    Love Madewell, they’re not super stretchy but not every jean was meant to be a skinny jean so it’s cool. I have that acid wash shirt and jean combo shown, it’s what I wear when I want to look 90’s androgynous cowboy.

  • mercy

    love the jacket

    regards tas ransel wanita

  • Ruth Bouman

    I’ve just discovered Madewell and have taken advantage of the 40% sale. Two pairs of jeans so far, cropped dark skinnies and coated legging style, leather look. I love both and the silk top top that looks like I paid much more. Their style seems like an updated classic which suits me since I’m over 40. BTW, love your stylings.