Fashion PSA: Amuze is The Internet’s Best Sale Secret

There is an element of discovery that is relentlessly attached to engaging with the Internet and it is my belief that every time a new website launches, a storefront loses a brick to the soil. Especially across the realm of full-time outlet shopping. If you’re looking for a proof of concept, look no further than the extermination of Loehmann’s — RIP.

It used to be that if you wanted to find a deal outside the Gregorian confines of Christmas or Labor Day weekend, you had to haul ass to Woodbury Commons. Now, though, due to the proliferation of flash sale sites like Gilt and Rue La La and more permanent sale sites like The Outnet and Yoox, you don’t have to haul ass so much as you do sit on your ass.

It’s great, really, but with the escalating popularity of sale sites inevitably follows the consumer issue / vendor coup of constantly selling out. Yes, yes, sure, that Isabel Marant turtleneck you wanted was on The Outnet for a mere $49, but it sold out within minutes of being published. And those Michael Kors loafers? LOL. They never even made it up.

This is why when you find a jewel, it makes perfect sense that you should want to keep it to yourself. To yourself and to your mother. I’ve never been one for secrets, though, so I’m going to bring you in on the most recent flash sale site to populate my browser by outlining the details of my recent purchases.

The site is called Amuze. Last Thursday, I bought an embroidered navy blue wool Dries Van Noten blazer that retailed for $2500 for $350. The month before, I bought a pair of nude Reed Krakoff brogues. They retailed for $695 but my price was $225. I have been toying with the idea of annexing purple Tom Ford sandals — down from just under a grand to $325 — but I haven’t pulled the trigger. I’ll do it if you tell me to, though to be quite honest I’ll be just as satisfied if you sit-ass and acquire them yourself.

Sorry I’m still talking. Happy shopping.

Photoshop by Krista Anna Lewis; Photoshop dolls via Prada Spring/Summer 2005 ad campaign; OG Computer via Wikipedia

  • Amelia Diamond

    the row sale is currently haunting me because of a blazer ill never forgive myself for not buying…

    • Kandeel

      everything at the row *prayer hands emoji x10*

  • Megan //

    A couple of months ago, I won a giveaway sponsored by Amuze. The prize…a pair of oxblood-colored velvet and resin Tom Ford sandals, which retailed for $1,490. I haven’t pulled the trigger on another piece yet, but the Gucci brogues are beckoning.

    • Amelia Diamond

      uh whoa picture of those please

      • Megan //

        Comfortable? Absolutely not. Chic as shit. Absolutely.

        • Well, apparently I’m incapable of uploading a picture. My technological ineptitude never ceases to amaze me. My apologies.

        • coffeetoo

          I love it when people post pictures.

          chic as sh!t indeed, my friend!

      • Megan //

        Comfortable? Absolutely not. Chic as shit? Absolutely.

  • Victoria

    Is this real life…

    • Jennifer

      it is! picked up a ysl muse bag for $650. actually picked 2 different colors up for those prices. Good customer service too!

  • Ana

    Love this! … the rest of my productive day has been poisoned… thank you 🙂

    Now off to shop!

    Ana x

  • Alexandra Puffer

    Online shopping forever. I love surprise sales, and categorizing by price. AAAAAAMEN.

    Warm regards,

  • Cherie

    Love Amuze, prices are ridic

  • this site is so bad but so good (referring to amuze)


    For all the latest trends and high-end inspired fashion visit

  • And later you look at all this stuff in the wardrobe and think – why on Earth I bought all this?….


  • Leandra Medine

    I know, right!

  • Yumi

    Does amuze sell authentic stuff? I just got a Céline but I’m confused.