And Now, for Something Completely Different

I am a fan of — and no stranger to — the GIF. In fact, very often I find myself forgoing the English language altogether in exchange for a correspondence of moving images that dance across iPhone screens and bodies of emails.

Sure, I could respond to your dumb ass text about my general lack of response with words. For example, “I’m sorry that I lost my phone in my apartment for the whole weekend and had to use the ‘Find My iDevice’ thingy and it was just a whole stressful to-do,” would technically suffice. However, I could just send a GIF of a shrugging frog and move on to the next topic. Which would you prefer?

(Say “GIF.”) Exactly.

And now, thanks to a Tumblr that our photo intern extraordinaire Krista Lewis told me about, I can take my fashion like I take my coffee and communication: in GIFS.

The site, aptly titled FASHGIFS, is sort of like Python:


Emanuel Ungaro Resort 2015

It also sort of depicts how I dance when I’m tired and ready to go home but don’t want to seem like a party pooper:


Aurelio Costarella Spring 2014

And THIS looks an awful lot like the weird stacked-wine I drank at this past weekend’s Phish concert, which means this Tumblr is a combination of ALL my favorite things: stacked wine, random concerts that I have no business attending, fashion, detachable pony tails, and…



Valentino Fall 2014


Which one’s your favorite? Also, have you ever tried stacked wine?