Fashion Fruit is Never Not in Season


THERE IS SO MUCH FRUIT IN MY SHOPPING CART!!! I’ve been eating it for ages, but somewhere between the apple bites of last winter and the juicy-ass pineapple slices of spring (I know, I know, out of season), I stopped caring about fibrous benefits and nutritional content and started thinking more acutely about how to wear them. Dolce & Gabbana, purveyors of Sicilian joie de vivre, have been screen-printing fruit onto scarves and bathing suits since, basically, Eve was caught hiding her vagina with banana leaves. But the first perpetrator to permeate my relationship with fruit was Charlotte Olympia and her watermelon basket, which I bought on discount at The Outnet last Spring.

Following that acquisition, the flood gates appear to have opened: Rosie Assoulin showed a collection for resort 2017 that may as well have been called Tutti Frutti (as a matter of fact, there was a dress called Tutti Frutti). Prada put watermelons (and cacti! …Speaking of cacti, hello) on makeup pouches. Altuzarra showed cherries and lemon for Spring.

Regarding cherries, ditto for Gucci. Every jewelry designer under the sun has placed a variation of fruit somewhere.

Frankly, I don’t blame the fashion zeitgeist for this one so much as I do emoji. It is the rare conversation that does not merit a peach or a watermelon or orange or whatever. Seeing as it is optimism month and fruit are kind of the mascot of your !most! optimistic self, the timing of this observance is particularly fortuitous.

If you need some wild platforms to balance it all out, I get that too.

Collages by Maria Jia Ling Pitt. 

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  • Mariana

    I am so deeply in love with that Rosie Assoulin shirt.

    • Leandra Medine



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  • Senka

    Those parrots and watermelon earrngs!! Crazy parrot lady that I am, I need them.