Fashion at The VMAs
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Richard Simmons, if I loved you anymore, I think it might physically hurt.

Rita Ora may have looked like she was arriving at The Met Ball but Miley Cyrus alluded to her own arrival at a far different genre of spectacle. The Southern star felt no remorse emulating a combination of Scary Spice and the dancing lady emoji which is probably because she knew what the audience was in for just hours later during her performance. But let’s not get too tangled in something as marginal at the Video Music portion of Video Music Awards, yes? This about the fashion. The fashion! Click over to Vulture’s round-up of last night’s Red Carpet looks and let us know what you liked best. (It’s Willow Smith, isn’t it?)

We can talk N*SYNC later. Actually, fine, let’s talk it now. Where was Bye, Bye, Bye? No, I know it was there, kind of, but where was it really?

[2013 MTV VMA Red Carpet Looks via New York Magazine]


  • pixiedust8

    At least Richard Simmons doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is more than I can say for everyone else at the VMAs. And yes, Miley, you have a tongue. Congratulations!

  • CarolinaG

    Love your blog!

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Em

    Coco Jones looked so cute, age appropriate, etc., but I gotta say I loved Macklemore’s get-up…. “Dressed in all [mint] ‘cept my gator shoes those are green draped in a leopard mink [Ryan Lewis] standin’ next to me”

  • Paola

    Ciara, Willow & Jaden Smith and (how could you forget her) Erin Wasson!

  • N1

    all terrible! I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

  • I mean, I’m functioning on like 5 cups of coffee over here, but i just realized why Taylor Swift’s outfit (though innocuous by VMA standards) grates my cheese: it’s like if Anna Nicole and Karlie Kloss had a baby… and that baby then decided to hog the reaction-cam all night long.

  • Lisa Thomson

    Luckily, to the right of the slideshow they have the names of the people ’cause I’m old and didn’t recognize half of them. About smiley Miley I’m not sure what I was most disturbed by her tongue, the stryrofoam finger, or her bum dance on Mr. Thicke?

  • Brie

    dude were you watching? they played like ten seconds of Bye Bye Bye. TEN SECONDS IT WAS GLORIOUS

    • Leandra Medine


  • vanessa acosta

    If I put aside everything else about Miley Cyrus, then I would say she has killer fashion sense. BUT what I saw last night cannot go unseen.

  • Never saw Herve Leger on T. Swift coming.

  • Haha Willow Smith…I’m ready for fashion to get all chilled out though…for real!
    Great post,

  • Emma

    Holy shit Snookie is so skinny!