Fancy Hats for Friday’s Brain

Holy Harriet, is this a hat? is doing a really cool thing where they highlight new designers throughout these slow-but-magical weeks-o-fashion to offer some air time to the newcomers, too. Most recently introduced was aspiring London-based designer Maiko Takeda.

Takeda studied under the millinery expertise of both Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy — old hats of the hat business, if you will (badum-cha!). It’s already clear, however, that she’s more than developed her own aesthetic. And it is awesome.

Her most recent collection titled Atmospheric Reentry is like a cross between a National Geographic special on that really deep part of the ocean with those lipstick plants and phosphorescent swimmy bugs, and a unicorn, and a Pokémon.

So, in other words, she rules.

Check her out, let us know your thoughts, and tell us where you’d wear her hats. (Leandra says she thinks this is the perfect accoutrement for a first day of work for a boss you can tell you already hate.)

[The Next Big Thing: Maiko Takeda via]


  • haleyisshort

    burning man!

  • XeanaFashion

    Amazing hats!

    It is more than a hat. It is a real art!


  • the egg

    looks f-ing painful!