Eyes on the Prize

When Prada showed those fantastic black eyeglasses with the white flowers stamped into the frames last season, I knew that life wouldn’t feel complete until I too looked just like Buddy Holly. But the problem with those be-flowered spectacles, for me, was that their thick rims gave gave me floral Groucho Marx eyebrows. (Much to my anger, I’ve seen said Prada glasses on a few people in the streets and they look nothing short of elegant.)

And then I saw the ivory pair above by a funky eyewear designer named Anna-Karin Karlsson that were the solution to my sartorial problem: a monochromatic garden that would give me cat-eyes and a little hint of the ’50s without brows of doom. I’m not sure what I’ll wear them with but I’m convinced I have to have them.

If flowers aren’t your thing but maybe jungle cats are, these ones below by Karlsson are really rad too.


[Anna-Karin Karlsson “Cause I Flippin’ Can” sunglasses via NET-A-PORTER]

  • Petra

    Amelia, was that a Weezer reference? <3

    • Amelia Diamond

      YES. I love you for catching that.