Eye of the Super Sparkly, Glittery Holiday Tiger

This season is so packed with holiday parties and about eight million dress codes that require “festive attire” and “sparkle,” one eventually has to wonder if the month of December was invented by glitter corporations to encourage all things sequin and shine.

But I’m not exactly complaining. A magpie by nature, I can’t help but gravitate towards that which glistens. However, when it comes to my clothing there’s only so much “ta-da!” I can handle on my personal body at one time.

My eyelids, however, that’s another story. In reviewing my reflection this past weekend before a “HOLLA DAYZ” party (whatever on earth that’s supposed to mean, save for the fact that the host made it exceptionally clear: no sparkle, no entry) I frowned at my muted ensemble and wondered when on earth I’d become so boring.

I began digging through a drawer that hosts a variety of things — mostly ones that I didn’t feel like putting in their proper place and then forgot about — just praying for a necklace or something that would allow entry past my friend’s notoriously strict dress code. Then I found it. Glittery, sparkly confection in the form of two eyeshadows.

With a quick swipe of my untrained finger I pulled a metallic shade across my eye, and then with a q-tip I added a pigmented glitter. Voila, instantly festive. I confirmed with my roommate that I looked “holiday appropriate” and not “Vegas stripper on her lunch break,” and out the door I went.

(My friend let me into the party so I guess that means the eyeshadow trick passed.)

[M.A.C. ‘Nocturnals’ Pigment & Glitter Set via Nordstrom] [Bobbi Brown Metallic Eyeshadow via Nordstrom]

  • Quinn Halman

    Release the Ke$ha within

  • Kari

    Part of the reason I love December so much is the opportunity to wear sparkle and sequins as often as possible. Last weekend I wore a black dress from Darling that is gold sequins from the waist up (only in the front) and has pearls randomly sewn on the tulle skirt part.This Friday I can’t wait to bust out my pale gold sequin skirt, and tights of course as it’s -30 Celsius here in northern Canada and I’ll throw a top on to keep things modest đŸ˜‰