Eugenia Kim Launches Shoes, Makes Me Want to Run

I don’t mean that literally, though. The last time I ran in heels I almost broke my ankle and definitely popped my knee cap. But that is neither here nor there. What is, you know, here, is a capsule collection of attractive looking shoes by the purveyor of headgear, Eugenia Kim.

There is no theory that suggests if you are good at making hats, you will be good at making shoes but perhaps that’s just because there have been so few proofs of this concept. But with the imminent launch of Kim’s shoes, following the success of her her straw panama hats and fedoras and floppy numbers and the felt cat ears that gave Grumpy Cat a run for her viral frown, that could change as soon as right now.

Because, really, anyone could make a pump, right? It’s easy enough and almost always evinces the spirit of elegance. Getting it right is just a matter of whether the maker will be enterprising enough to weigh that which makes a pump good.

As in, will the shoe’s point remain firmly on the ground or will it flip up calling to mind fractions of a cowboy boot?

Will the leather crack as you walk or will it remain buttery, only strengthening with age and miles? How will it separate itself from the paladins of the pump?

Perhaps with a series of black windy lines?

Or a strip of fur across the front?

Such details can be found on the entire 7-style capsule collection of Eugenia Kim where a boot isn’t just a boot: it’s the pearl within an oyster, a flat isn’t just a flat: it’s a fluff bow or a serpentine disco ball and, of course, a pump isn’t just a pump. It’s a good one.


[Eugenia Kim Shoes via Eugenia KimPart of a collaboration with Eugenia Kim]



  • Cherie


  • Aly

    love love love!!!!

  • katie

    These are cool, but I can’t trust any content that is clearly just a thinly veiled advertisement. Show me pictures of the MR girls wearing the shoes with real reviews of how they feel, wear, look… I’m not convinced.

    • Leandra Medine

      Ask and ye shall receive. I ordered the lous!

  • Esther Levy

    the lou is what dreams are made of

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I would put that emoji with hearts for eyes if I could.

      • And the raise the roof/praise the lord/touchdown one

  • Alexandra Puffer

    My favorite is the Daria – would love a strapless version. Like a Posh Spice and Clueless mash up. So fun! (Her Lola comb is extraordinary, too!)

    Warm regards,

  • The Lou and The Babs are my favorites!

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

  • gimme that furrrrrr