Esther’s Picks: Stiletto Heels and Sweats

If 2014 was the year of Normcore: New Balance 574’s paired with the kind of jeans typically ravaged with oil stains; “GAP” sweatshirts and socked feet beneath Adidas slides, then may I be so bold as to declare 2015 the year of Normcore’s remix?

New Balances are still here, but they’re to be complemented by spaghetti strap slip dresses. Kitten heels will bottom out the shredded hems of your dirtiest peg-leg jeans and if Jamie Lynn Spears has any say in the matter, Uggs will soon be widely accepted as an au courant black-tie wedding accessory.

Athletic wear is the new brunch uniform and brunch is the new Happy Hour. Turtlenecks have not only survived a graduation from Catholic school uniform and ultimate foray into style editorstaple, but has passed with flying colors. As in, yellow and green and red and orange. And while Zara – er, Zéline – has zero intention of retiring the “fashion sweat pant,”  I remain unconvinced of their purpose. But as things go with Zara, all it takes is one really good sale for you to abandon your style principles and renounce dairy forever.

The marriage between the aforementioned sweats and the Sophia Webster mules (pictured) are a manifestation, I like to think, of the Normcore Remix; a union only made holier by the anterior’s $209, plus an additional 20% off, Net-a-Porter price tag. They are exactly the kind of shoe I never thought I’d wear, which makes them my most accurate blackout sale purchase.

Cheers to a year poised to deliver more mashups than a Girl Talk album.

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  • Junglesiren

    Not for every one but you are wearing the hell out of it, girl. And those sweats ain’t the Target variety… that really helps.

  • Poppy’s Style

    Final sale so no extra 20% dang it! They are fun!

  • Lua Jane

    “But as things go with Zara, all it takes is one really good sale for you to abandon your style principles”- Soooo true!! Every Zara sale makes me reinvent my self a bit and tweak in some new elements to my look. On this particular sale I fell in love with notion of printed pants.

    As for Sophia Webster shoes, they are sublime!

    • Lulu

      Dito on those Sophia Websters!

  • It does not make sense to me why would I mix sweats and heels if their purpose is so different. Maybe we are just calling them “sweats” but they are not really “sweats”? Are “sweats” just pants that are made out of soft fabric? Are they just new style pants inspired by sweats?… I’m sure I’ll be sporting “sweats” and heels this spring, though…

  • Emily

    where is that outfit from???

    • Esther Levy

      All Zara! Shoes are Sophia Webster

      • Erin

        Bought the shirt! Couldn’t resist.

      • I am obsessed with the pants!

  • Allie Fasanella

    I couldn’t love this more. Esther, you are the hottest kid in town.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      SHE SURE IS!

  • Lulu

    Love the whole outfit Eshter!

  • If you can wear those shoes with a confidence smile, you can accomplimence everything in life.

  • I love this combo! Damn. It looks good together.

  • It can be done.. itf its done right.. Hense the Wang x H&M line…

  • parkzark

    This feels a little Carrie Bradshaw to me in the best possible way. Your style is always so cool y fun Esther.

    I think I’ll still be wearing sneaks with jeans, just can’t get away from it.

    I’m gonna have to try this combo/remix though, it’s too good not to.

  • Esther’s signature pose is definitely The Walk, and I love it.

  • Esther what size did you buy in that top? I wanna get one. You look like chic extra from The Matrix

  • Does anyone know where I can find some pants that are similar to these?!

    • Esther Levy


      • I live in Australia 🙁 and i cant find these anywhere online 🙁

  • Ryan Gingery

    Hi Esther,

    Where’s the shirt from?

    • Esther Levy


      • Liyzie

        Help me find them. I’m searching the Z website like crazy. Are they the ones which look cropped on the model??

  • marraaa

    gosh, I bought those exact pants Friday on a filthy whim, wore them to a birthday party (funnily enough with stilettos also) and had everyone feeling up my legs being like, you look soooo comfy. If I never wear them out of the house again ill have gained the best lounge pants EVER