Ellery Gets Me

You know how I know that Ellery gets me?

Because I’ve been talking about putting skirts over my pants since I got back from Paris. This is evidenced by a Minor Cogitation that ran a few days after I returned and a post that you will read/look at next Tuesday which will either blow your mind or do nothing like that at all.

You know what (Kym) Ellery did?

Put pants under several of her skirts and dresses! And not just that, while I’m still testing my waters with skinny pants and denim, she went for the whole enchilada in the form of her masterfully-executed-nearly-every-season dramatic, exaggerated bell bottoms and some burgundy shiny-ass straight-legged lads.

You’ve got to admit, they are pretty good. But would you try the trend?

[Ellery Trunkshow via Moda Operandi]

  • runway2street

    Hard to get right but the sheer option is divine and easier to pull off!