Creepy Habits: We Style Stalked Ece Sükan During NYFW

Ece Sükan is a true member of the backslash-career-generation — a pioneer, perhaps. Her Instagram bio will tell you the following: “Creative consultant/ Stylist/ Innovative Fashion Ideas-New York Fashion writer/ Hurriyet newspaper-Istanbul.” She is a woman of many layers…

Literally! She is walking lesson in layering, having mastered the art of winter dressing without appearing bulky or over-styled. Her bangs always stay in place, too, which is nothing short of a miracle considering dry-air static. I know all of this because we style stalked her for the duration of fashion week, either in-person (thank you, Krista, our roving photographer) or via Instagram when we failed to see her during a day of shows, and I’m just going to come right out and say it: someone who works at Lacoste may have seen Ece in that gold zip-up first…

(via @ecesukan)

And then ran back to the office before the show and said, “YOU GUYS. IDEA. ZIP THE ZIP-UP ALL THE WAY UP.”

Lacoste Fall/Winter '16

So they did.

I would also like to argue that I may have started that idea as well in my Under Armour, but never you mind. We are here to talk about Ece.

She’s an important one to watch because what she does, in plain terms, is get dressed. What a concept! But it is. Ece Sükan is very clearly someone who considers the weather, the occasion, the company and her personal style when putting together an outfit. Never once will you see her teetering in too-tall shoes during a snowstorm. Never once will you see her looking uncomfortable. She is one of the only people I saw during the (albeit overly-dramatic) frostbite warning who actually wore gloves!

She is proof that practicality can be just as fashionable as the fantasy, that black doesn’t mean boring, that wearing a proper coat doesn’t mean, “I give up.”

Ece Sükan also offers up one very easy-to-appropriate style tip (beyond the neck-zip):


When things are feeling a little dull, add a shiny metallic, and walk on. You’ve got at least 3 jobs to do.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis / via @ecesukan