Follow That Man!

Donald Drawbertson, (perhaps more formally known as Donald Robertson), is the man of the moment on Instagram. In fact, just as I took a coffee-and-Insta-break between strenuously writing that previous sentence and this one, CR Fashion Book posted a doodle of his.

You see, that’s what Donald does — he doodles. And sketches, and draws, and paints (or perhaps it’s marker-coloring?) all in such a way that each picture appears alive and partying despite its one-dimensional confines. (Although, as head of Creative Development at Bobbi Brown I suppose he does a bit more than draw, but still…)

His illustrations practically speak the witty captions he types below them, and I’ve come to think of his most recurring character Mitford — the fashionable, bespectacled giraffe — as an old friend.

If you need a burst of inspiration or a smile, I cannot stress this enough: follow that man!

[Instagram: @DonaldDrawbertson]