Dolce Holy Grail
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Remember when I was talking about those things I look for on Monday mornings? I omitted one very important quest and that is for the holy grail of footwear. I don’t need to have it, or even need to feel like I want to have it, I just need it to evoke emotion, any sense of feeling, and when I saw the velvet nude Dolce and Gabbana d’Orsay pumps as photographed quietly loitering the sale section of yesterday, I thought to myself not, wow, what beautiful architecture! That lush velvet! That inconspicuous but highly telling backside ruby! No.

I thought, self, how can I make spending $600 I certainly don’t need to and furthermore should definitely not spend worth it?

I never found an appropriate answer or solution but, really, what is wrong with me? This shoe thing is getting a little out of hand.

Granted, they’re the most impeccable pair of pumps on the face of this earth, and when held up against their almost identical-but-not-quite twin, quite a steal, but I just blew my load on Céline. I shouldn’t even care that there are shoes existing in a cosmos not my own. Then again, though, of course, this is a collective. A place for us to come and love and share and care so this one is actually to inspire you, Mrs. Robinson. To play that fun mental game of dress up where the world is your closet and styling is your oyster. How would you pair them? What with? Ankle straps yay or nay?

No need to purchase, just look, smile, inspire, bla bla bla.

[Sequined and Jeweled Chunky Heel Pump via Barneys]

  • That might be the most beautiful shoe I think I have ever seen. Well, there are a lot of beautiful shoes, but this one is spectacular. The shape of the toe and the ankle strap are key, as is the nude velvet. To be entirely honest, I would almost prefer if the whole thing were in that velvet nude. I would imagine it would get super dirty on the heel after .368 seconds of walking, though.
    I would pair them with high-waisted, cropped blue jeans, my Margiela x H&M jumpsuit, and probably a nice, short-ish leather jacket.

  • You MUST buy them. Please, please buy them. I sure cant right now and I would love to see someone else who appreciates the beauty of these perfect shoes enjoy them.

  • Athena Griziotis

    Stop it, this isn’t good for my health.

  • I love these. I’m working on a post about how I just discovered Barneys has an outlet as well as an online store that has a lot of their outlet items.