It goes without saying that I’m a cat person. I have, after all, previously offered to text you feline photos should you ever feel a lack of that which hocks up fur balls on the reg. However, “cat person” does not negate human, so hand me a slideshow of fancy dogs, pair them with fashion quotes, and I am sold, Sister Mary Margaret — or should I say, Vogue? Because that’s precisely what those smarty smart smart whips have done in the wake of the Westminster Dog Show.

Confused? See below.

This Shar Pei, for example, named Jeannie smiles proudly next to Grace Coddington’s quote, “I was considered avant-garde and fashionable rather than pretty.”


And then there’s an Afghan Hound named Abbs who is very clearly radiating exactly what Coco Chanel once said: “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.”


Enjoy the slideshow, enjoy your grinning even in spite of the fuqing snow, enjoy the serendipity of a dog show and fashion week occurring at the same time, and with that I, just like Winston the cream mini longhaired dachshund and style icon Babe Paley, “really have nothing [else] to say.”

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