Do you have any reason to believe that at least *one* of us should not own these Marc Jacobs patent leather Mary-Janes?

Speak now or forever hold your cash.

[Marc Jacobs mary-janes via Yoox]

  • Roxana Zegan

    they are horrendous. and I never use that word lightly. they look like heavy, sweat-inducing buckets of bad 70ies memorabilia.

    • Leandra Medine

      my heart. its broken.

      • Roxana Zegan

        oh no. don’t. now I feel guilty for breaking the heart of such a lovely creature. I love your quirkiness so much, if anyone could redeem these it would be you 🙂

      • Roxana Zegan

        can I buy you a cupcake to mend that broken heart?

      • Selena Delgado

        bought the 9’s. here’s a band-aid

  • well MY heart is pounding with anxious anticipation. Much like it did yesterday when I took a stroll through the shoe Barney’s shoe department, knowing I couldn’t buy anything, yet wanting almost everything. I adore them. I’m afraid to see how much they cost but nonetheless will head over to Yoox this minute.

  • holy shit. those are majestic

  • They are like one of those magnificent designer chairs meant to keep you admiring them, loving the spirit that came up with them, but never thinking of actually using them …

  • Fernanda


  • Heidi

    I would be eleven feet tall and feel like a circus freak in these.

  • laritza

    i do think you guys only find it majestic because it’s Jacobs’. would you think the same if you find it on or payless shoes? IMHO, nope. i’d still stick with “heavy, sweat-inducing buckets of bad 70ies memorabilia.” as the first fellow commenter Roxana pointed.

  • Leah Collums Glade

    The problem is that if you wear an eleven (like me), you are likely too tall to wear these beauties. I love to rock some heels, but platforms like these? Veers into drag queen territory.

    • klynb

      Not necessarily. I’m 5’4″ and wear size 10. I could possibly wear the 9 in these, but I’d obey the law of gravity the first time I stood up.

  • Guest

    Ahhhhh, I’m a size 6! It’s like I’m Cinderella and that’s a perfect fit! Plus, I’m only 5 feet tall so that would add some height since I’m so short! So cute!

  • sarah

    There’s way too much going on with this shoe for it to work with a standard street attire, you’d need to match the shoe in all it’s overwrought glory, by teaming it with an equally gaudy outfit; say, working with mustard wool tights and some sort of tweed and marone ensemble.

  • reverse update: Leandra I hope you bought the 6

  • csaylorstephens

    beautiful. just. beautiful.

  • d4divine

    A horse hooves and the clunkiest leg line ever…unless you’re a very tall drag queen.

  • Flavia Galacho Córdoba

    The only pair of Marc Jacob’s shoes I have I was able to ware once… well… half a time. I was out and I ended up buying new shoes since the pain was to much… JUST SAY NO!

  • Ariana

    There is not a fucking reason for not ownig them

  • Kate

    I couldn’t muster the panache to pull these off but goodness, Mrs. Medine, you could.

  • LilyP

    i make it my business to have the most ridiculous, impractical shoes in my closet. even if i never wear them, just having them is exciting to me. therefore, i give these my approval 🙂 love them!