Devi Kroell’s Embellished Clutch

Well here’s a question I think about too often but rarely actually ask. Where do you fall on the splurge for/save for scale? Are you a shoe freak or a bag hoarder? This clutch landed on my desk earlier today and I’m fucking obsessed with it but after toting it around the cubicle of a room I work from and even in spite its seeming magical ability to make even the most prosaic outfit seem certifiably original, I still think that in the matter of an embellished wooden shoe (there’s got to be a version somewhere, right?) vs. one of a clutch, I teeter more closely toward the shoe.

That may just be me, though. A very masochistic me. Bags are treated better infinitely better than shoes are, aren’t they? They’re never expected to walk the streets of any such city and rarely even make it to the ground. Gosh, Leandra. What gives?

Or, nevermind that question. Just tell me stuff about you.

[Devi Kroell Clutch]

  • Stacey Freeman

    Wow, such a great clutch! But if it were a question of a wooden embellished heel on a tall leather boot(if it exists:)), for example, the shoe would win.

  • Judy

    I bet if you are walking around with this beautiful clutch and the imaginary wooden embellished shoes on the street, you get much more compliment/attention on the shoe. So shoe wins!! I am in love with you and your blog!!

  • I love u Lean..well if something that expensive hammers my back pocket, I’d gladly make poker face n say I am not bejeweled. but if that’s a treat or gift, u’d see my picking up the jewels & rushing out the the back door 😀