A Slideshow of Delpozo

People say the kinds of things about Delpozo and its architect Josep Font that are typically reserved for designers like Alexander Wang or Hood By Air — the cool kids with cult followings who evoke such hyperbole as, “I worship at the church of X,” or the late-but-not-unspoken, “I die.” But to wear Delpozo, you really do have to be a fan. The clothes are so dramatic in shape and volume and electric in color, one could argue that you have to be more steadfast in Font’s vision than you do any number of these pop (for good reason!) designers, because Delpozo is pretty weird. “Wearability” isn’t the point. You do not casually attend an event in Delpozo — you blow the doors open.

At the same time, Josep Font’s designs are marvelous. You don’t have to be sartorially brave to admire beautiful work. What’s cool about she who chooses a Delpozo dress (or in this season’s case: jumpsuit/bell sleeve top/David Bowie pants/floral gloves/cocoons and bell coats tied at the shoulders in bows) is that this woman isn’t doing it to name drop. For her, it’s not about the label. It is — as it definitely is for Josep Font, as well as anyone who admires (or worships) his work — about the art.

Runway photographs via Vogue Runway and NowFashion.com. Atmosphere photographed by Krista Anna Lewis from Delpozo Fall/Winter ’16.


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  • one of my fave shows!


  • Delpozo is one of my favorite designers. It so great to see a brand uniquely them. There are no others similar– and I can appreciate that!

  • Quinn Halman

    I would go full Wizard of Oz for those shoes

  • MCJ

    Delpozo is literally like the first blooming flower of spring. So forward and fresh. I absolutely love this collection!!

  • Despite the bold colors and the way too oversized shapes. It’s really just eye candy for anyone with an aesthetic sense. Although they might be man repeller indeed.

  • Aggie

    This post made me wonder whether it was finally time to give a name to all the flatform/oxford fusion? Or does that already exist? Someone help me!

  • Nicki
  • Alison


  • Annie

    That left me speechless…masterful in hand…creative…original and yet with homage to the past.present.future…just breathtaking in every possible way.

  • I got to see something different here… Design is really great. Want those footwear.