David Sedaris Story Becomes Movie

Oh, happy day! This is like Christmas. Or finding Alaia sandals on sale. Or learning you scored a 2400 on the SATs.

One of our favorite human authors (God need not apply) is, erm, finally having one of his short stories adapted into a movie. The title of both, C.O.G., originally appeared in Naked, a collection of his short essays published in 1988. Personally, the book holds particular value for myself as it was his second book I read. (I was born in ’88 so it took a few years but perseverance shall always prevail.)

The autobiographical story-turned-movie follows a young man on his dirt road to self discovery, and if that doesn’t automatically sell you then maybe the fact that JESSIE FROM GLEE STARS AS DAVID will. The actor also has a real name but I refuse to acknowledge it because to me, he is Jessie. Although now I suppose I accept him as David, too.

Watch the trailer here. Who’s excited?

[C.O.G. movie trailer via Huffington Post]