Could Have Been a Love Story

If I were not married, today is absolutely the day that I would e-mail each and every one of the dalliances who have ever passed through my Cosmos to tell them that all those times I wrote “ha” in a text message instead of “hahaha” or said, “just hanging out” when asked what was up instead of “WAITING FOR YOU TO TEXT ME I HAVE NEVER FELT THIS SENSATION IN MY STOMACH BEFORE BUT MAN IS IT NICE,” were just me hiding my effusiveness because boy do I love you but man do I not want that love to go unrequited and as a result, I feel I must compose run-on sentences and perform the social equivalent of a combover to hide my balding emotions.


Watch this video, marvel in how dated it seems because who still uses Facebook Chat, am I right?, then smack yourself in the face for acting like a tech-snob. When you’re done with that, you really should take a moment to tell someone how you feel today.

[Could Have Been a Love Story via Wimp]

  • Morgan

    Oh my. This is adorable. Now I’m all nostalgic thinking of how me and my husband used to Facebook Chat before we were dating. Then my roommate would squeal, “You guys are gonna get married!” and I would anxiously tell her to SHUT UP AND NOT SAY THAT!

  • SecretRomantic

    Oh gosh. I needed to see this! I found myself smiling uncontrollably while watching this realizing I do the exact same thing (more so through texting). I suppose it’s fear of the feeling not being reciprocated, and being vulnerable..

  • Love it … so true!!! Felt the butterflies while reading it!



  • In the spirit of self expression, I’ve decided to confess my love for you and all you do, Leandra. Also, I am so obsessed with your witty humor and sarcastic writing. And since we’re being completely honest here, I desperately want to read your book but currently do not have the funds to purchase it. And there you have it. I think that’s about it for today.

    XOXO, Oksana

  • Quinn Halman

    Throwback to when facebook chat looked like this

  • … This reminds me of the good old days with AOL Instant Messenger… Spending literally HOURS chatting with your male friends, wondering if they were flirting or just being silly. Then months or years later, find out that they had a crush on you. I was always oblivious!