Keep On Cotton On

About four years ago I was forced to take an oath that basically stated I would stop beginning sentences with, “Back when I studied in Australia.” Friends tolerated my anecdotes for a while (“You know in Australia, they have these cookies, called Tim Tams, and…”) but pretty soon everyone could finish my stories before they’d even begun like I was Uncle Dan at Thanksgiving dinner. No one cares how he got that bald spot, and no one wants to hear about how I got mine.

Today, however, I break the oath.

Back when I studied in Australia, I’d visit a store called Cotton On almost every other week. They had affordable basics up the wazoo and seeing as I spill coffee on myself so often, Cotton On made replacing my white shirts lot less painful. At first I would run in with a determined purpose: Ok, all we need today is a tank top, stay focused, and I’d end up leaving with an arm full of track pants, t-shirts, more tank tops (I really like their tank tops ok?), leggings, someone else’s baby and swimsuits.

That second-to-last thing only happened once and it was a total accident.

Leaving the store behind was one of the hardest parts about bidding adieu to Australia, that and the whole nice-weather-every-single-day thing, but it’s recently come to my attention that they not only have stores here, but a website that delivers to me. Us. The U.S.  And they have a new section called The One which basically should be called The Ten because guess what I just did? Put ten tank tops in my shopping cart for nostalgia’s sake, and but also so that when people ask where I got my shirt (which they might, particularly since I’m equally as likely to be pairing it with high-waisted denim and a men’s blazer as I am a coffee stain), I can sit them down as my captive audience for an hour and a half story about that time I studied abroad in Australia…

Baby incident not included.

Part of collaboration with Cotton On.

  • GapToothedGirl

    I’m always cotton on!!
    xox, Gap.

    • med supply

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      • toni

        lol what? Gap tooth girl, I think they know you smoke man

  • MacKenzie Clark

    I LOVE COTTON ON! I used to go there all the time when I studied abroad in NZ and I miss it! I’m so excited!

  • omg, someone else’s baby made me laugh pretty loud in the office… amazing!

  • Sarina Fleur

    There is a Cotton On in LA, in Santa Monica. 4th and Promenade if you’re interested.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Oh I am interested

  • monkeyshines
  • I love that store! You always find cute stuff, and the deals are amazing!

    XoXo Shea L.

  • Alex Moroch

    Who is this model? I actually just died looking at her pictures.

    • Cristina Couri

      Hi! It’s Lara Bingle. Gorgeous right?

      • Alex Moroch

        You just made this lezzer very happy.

  • Clark

    There is a Cotton On outlet in Vacaville, Ca!

  • Chelsea

    LOVE these tops! Thanks for sharing!

  • Aahna Gi

    All we need is cotton.


  • Thank you for introducing me to this amazing brand. I now have an excuse to get more plain white tops even though I already own 15.

  • I don’t use a lots cotton tee instead i use everyday shirts!


  • Dominique

    cute! Love it 🙂


  • moldub

    i’m a big fan of everlane. some of it is made in the usa.

  • Hill

    Anyone have any tips on sizing?

    • Amelia Diamond

      I like the tank tops in a small and the t-shirts in a medium!

  • Edie

    I’m from Australia and more than half my t-shirts are Cotton On men’s from the seemingly eternal $5 sale … I’m travelling through Europe at the moment AND I MISS IT SO MUCH. Even more than Tim Tams. And Vegemite.

  • sf_mama

    Every single item on here has a warning: “This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.”. Bummer! 🙁

    • kelly

      I’m pretty sure Cotton on is quite notorious for underpaying workers and making them work in poor conditions too. It may be cheap, but at what cost?

  • tamtam

    Yes I was surprised to see a Cotton On store in the US. I like getting my basics there. Visit good old Australia soon seems like you miss it.

  • Christine

    Haha. You are hilarious! I discovered Cotton On just a few weeks after getting to Australia and I could hardly believe my eyes! So many cheap basics and awesome workout gear too! As the Aussies would say- bewwwwdy!

  • Hey I’m from Australia!! and Cotton On is a god send. But its funny how I wish I had access to all the stores you do (Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Reformation etc.) when you wish you had our funny little Cotton On haha

    • Elle

      So true Lauren! So many stores in the US that won’t ship to Aus – or the price is astronomical ($57???) that us Aussies sometimes get a bit jealous. Cotton On is great though.

  • Lo

    It’s funny, as an Australian I don’t care much for Cotton On and just wish for copious amounts of H&M (which just opened it’s first store here finally) and many, many Sephoras.

  • My bank account is about to get a little bit smaller…

  • overanalyzer

    Oh come ON, the shopping in Australia is total shithouse compared to the US… Cotton On is exactly the same quality as Old Navy but not as cheap. (From an Australian who has lived in the US the past decade).

  • Tash

    “Leaving the store behind was one of the hardest parts about bidding adieu to Australia” – really?? I’m an Australian who lives in Australia, and have bought from Cotton On a few times, but it’s nothing special. Bonds absolutely kill Cotton On in the cheap basics range.

  • bohogiz

    Ha, Australia, ace mate 🙂 During my travel in january, discovered another great Australian brand: Spell and the Gypsy Collective ( have one of their Hanalei tshirts (sold out on up for sale (see thumbnail) on ebay:

  • Thank you, looking for the perfect cotton uniform this summer! I’m going to get my cotton on.

  • Tamara

    ok so they sent me a 30% coupon and i ordered a bunch of t’s, as you advise…they look so comfy…

  • lo

    GRIEF!!! I know advertisement is an excellent source of cash flow, but damn, this was too much propagandist sentencing, even for me.

    • c’estmoi

      i’m pretty sure this site is Team MR’s day job. they have to make a living, so if they attract advertisers/collaborators, more power to them….

  • They now also have CO by Cotton on. Its a little bit fancier and pretty rad sometimes.

  • Adelle Cousins

    I’m wearing a cotton on shirt dress right now, Cotton on is where it’s at, Cotton On Body is a bit ooh la la too, I even try to force myself into cotton on kids stuff haha – check them out 🙂 Adelle –

  • Chelsea

    Cotton On is t h e b o m b. It and Bardot are pretty much the only non-online stores I will deign to duck into!

  • sarah

    i live down under, and sorry, but ick.

  • Jordan L

    Holy smokes do I love Cotton on. I was in there on the DAILY when I lived in LA. They have the best silky track shorts. What? No, I don’t have 5 pairs. (Yes, yes I do).

  • paloma

    No I’m not a close relative nor a friend but I am a fan, and I took a look at this store and this could not be more un-Man Repeller (actually it could it’s not forever 21 but its close to it)