5 Things 2 Buy @ 3 Because YOLO

Fine, okay, flag up, maybe you’re not meant to buy all — or any — of the selected items enlisted to keep the wheels of consumption in motion on this fine, 84-degree Thursday afternoon, but you deserve to treat yourself! If not to an Olympia Le-Tan book clutch (on sale as a sailor at The Outnet and full price Crazy Cruella [Krazy Kruella?] on Net-a-Porter) than certainly to a scoop of ice cream.

One that comes punctuated by the kind of boiler suit that has potential suitors questioning your occupation in the public domain. Is she a union worker? Does she just dress like one? When’s the last time she peed and why does it look like she’s giving birth to a flax plant? What is a flax plant?

Okay, fine, boiler suit aside, your office is cold-as-fuq. So cold, in fact, that you must wear a jacket. May as well look bomb in a bomber, CAN I GET A HECK YEAH? A heck-Henry-Holland-yeah?

Thanks for that! Moving on.

To elaborate striped boots that might seem premature, but it is often the wisest who know what they want months before they need it.

I wish I could end on that note but it is the sunglasses that take the cake in this round of If The Internets Were My Closet. And now, tilapia grillers, it is your turn to click and comb and buy or not buy, but be inspired.


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  • Amelia Diamond

    I want that Olympia Le-Tan fishy clutch

  • Ella Viscardi

    The boiler suits are giving me a serious Freaks & Geeks flashback.

    • Lua Jane

      My favorite high school show ever!! Great reference :))

  • I want the light blue denim boiler suit, lighter pink and black and white Valentino boots, and the OC bomber. -sigh-

  • Lauren Lally

    As a self proclaimed Disney fanatic/psychopath, if I go one more day without those Olympia Le-Tan clutches I think my life is at risk

  • Those sunglasses are indeed kimchi-level kool. But even kooler is the amazing moodboard 🙂


  • Daniela

    Maybe you guys should watch this and encourage woman, to not buy unnecessary things so much? or just look of what they have in their closets and work with that?. I love clothes, I like shopping , but i think you push the consumerism too much, you are smart woman and funny, use this space to make some consciousness as well….besides of what sponsors can pay to buy more and more shoes…