Cool Site Alert!

I might be living under a rock and if that is the case, may I just say, wow the accommodations here are terrific! You’d almost never know I don’t occupy a distant corner on the eastern most outskirt of Soho and furthermore, there is a Juice Generation down here! And high speed internet access!

Which leads me to my next point: last night I came upon this website via Instagram called For Love & Lemons. There is a shop and a blog and contact page and a full virtual lookbook under the tab that says “Collections,” which, frankly, only infuriates me because most of those clothes aren’t available in the aforementioned shop.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.35.44 PM

I did, however, come upon this wonderful looking white ribbed long sleeve t-shirt with wrists that flare outward and a darling little bow stitched into the center of the crew neck. I plan to wear it with beige high waist flared pants among other things like panties.

Oh! And see, that’s the other thing, the lingerie is adorable, if you’re into that kind of shit (which is to say, bras and panties that evoke the same sense of “awww” that baby kittens do).

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 4.36.04 PM

If you’re already familiar with the site, which seems to appeal to a girl who sometimes goes to Coachella but doesn’t always go to Coachella, then consider this just one more punctuation mark to underscore its existence. If you’re not, you’re either welcome or I’m sorry depending on how you feel about girls and West Coast music festivals.

[For Love and Lemons]

  • Thanks for sharing! I am loving it!

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • I will visit thesite!
    Pls take a look @

  • Jessica Rose

    Teenage boys wet dream fantasy…judging by these photographs…..not really a fan on women posing on all fours like a dog…..

  • We’re also sharing an obsession with white at the moment, monochrome is so timeless, particularly like the first photo

  • Aubrey Green

    Their Stylist has a great blog that features all of their shoots, as well as some of herself, cool girl, if anyone is interested. It’s funny, I met/new these two girls that started the company about 4 years ago – it’s really nice to see how successful they have become.

    Interestingly I had a dream last night (the dreams a tad blurry now) that you were going to say something like this this morning and in the dream I kept thinking, wait, so Leandra doesn’t know them (not that it was this particular company in the dream), but whoever it was in the dream. I kept thinking/saying that Leandra is so perfect, she’s funny, smart, pretty, most importantly she just has this thing about her – it makes her so likeable and she can pull off and get away with whatever she wants. In that same dream, I got engaged to someone that you knew and then I found out he knew you, not sure what I was more excited about hahaha.

  • Justyna Malwina B
  • Kelsey Riggs

    Have loved this brand for a while now. Their look books are incredible.

  • Sarah

    I found this site two weeks ago via instagram, and too fell in love.

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  • Kate Wilson

    great post! Sounds amazing x



    Apologizing before you even finish your sentence! Let us not waste good humour on political correctness nitpicking…always funny and fresh Leandra