Cool Site Alert: Your Grandmother Does Not Shop at N-DUO-Concept

Depending on who your grandmother is, this is either a good thing (because she is still wearing the Coldwater Creek half-zip that you bought for her last Easter during a fire sale at their 69th Street location) or simply a function of the fact that she’s never heard of N-DUO-Concept (purportedly because you didn’t even know what Maison Martin Margiela was until she explained to you that it is the most unassumingly artful, not-so-fashion, fashion brand in the stratosphere — or was, at least, until news that Galliano had climbed aboard surfaced.)

Either way, it is an e-commerce website.

One that gives a substantial run to the shopping nerve centers we have come to rely upon, for its product. This is chiefly because it is still largely unknown and as a result, possibly catalogs clothes that, should you decide to purchase, will be unique to you for at least an hour.

Also, though, because smaller brands like Goladamian (skirt pants, flying saucer crop tops), Eshvi (robot jewelry) and its own signature brand, N-DUO-Concept (military coats adorned with bows, checkered shirt dresses) populate the pages to provide for you the opportunity to marvel in an onslaught of compliments directed toward your unusual though highly interesting clothing edit.

This will allow you the highly coveted liberty to lie — “Oh, this old thing? I bought it from my favorite boutique site.” No one will know you’ve just learned of it, but when they surf over, they will learn that it can hold its own salt — boasting familiar brand names like Haider Ackerman, Proenza Schouler, Dries and Borsalino, to cushion the new it champions.

I’d say more stuff, but what’s the point? Click over, enjoy, you’re welcome.

​In partnership with N-DUO-CONCEPT